Prabhu Helicopter’s new Robinson R66 waiting flight approval from CAAN

-Aashish Rauniyar

The assembling process of Prabhu Helicopters’ newly arrived Turbine R66 Helicopter is completed with successful test flight conducted on 2nd November. The assembling process of the helicopter was done under the supervision of company’s qualified engineering team and the duplicate inspection was carried out later on by the RHC certified specialist from abroad.

The test flight documentation with its inspection report has been sent to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). The R66 Turbine Helicopter with registration ‘9N-AMJ’ will come into operation after receiving Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) and Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from CAAN which is expected within 4 to 5 working days.

R66 is a brand new chopper manufactured by Robinson Helicopter in CA, USA. The company with its current base in the country’s most attractive city, Pokhara operates heli services such as helicopter scenic tours, aerial photography, and filming, corporate tours, medi-vac services, search and rescue services and honeymoon packages.

As per the information from the officials, the company is planning to initiate its operation with the new R66 from Kathmandu focusing to Lukla and nearby sectors.


As for now, including this new helicopter, Prabhu owns two R66 and one R44 totaling 3 number of helicopter.  The company is currently operating from the Pokhara base but the newly arrived R66 will be operated from Kathmandu.

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