Prabhu Helicopter’s Newly arrived Robinson R66 at its final phase of assembling

The assembling process of recently bought Turbine Robinson R66 Helicopter belonging to Prabhu Helicopter Pvt Ltd is in the final stage at the company’s hangar in Pokhara Airport. As per the information, the assembling work will require two more weeks for the completion and then the chopper will go through a test flight.

The company is also on the process of acquiring registration number for the newly arrived R66 helicopter. Preliminary information suggests the helicopter has been assigned with the registration ‘9N-AMJ’ however; the official confirmation is yet to be disclosed.

The helicopter after the accomplishment of assembling must pass the CofA (Certificate of Airworthiness) test which will be carried out under the supervision of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). The company will operate the new helicopter two weeks after the certification of airworthiness and completion of other registration formalities.

The company’s third chopper reached its base at Pokhara Airport on October 6, this year. It is a brand new chopper manufactured by Robinson Helicopter in CA, USA. The company with its current base in the country’s most attractive city, Pokhara operates heli services such as helicopter scenic tours, aerial photography, and filming, corporate tours, medi-vac services, search and rescue services and honeymoon packages.

The company is planning to initiate its operation from Kathmandu to the near and popular destinations for tourist and also conduct medical evacuations. After the addition of its brand new R66, Prabhu is the only Robinson operator in Nepal with three helicopters in its fleet; one R44 and two R66s.

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