Preparation of DPR for constructing airport at Arnakot ready

A Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been prepared to construct airport at Arnakot, the place between Dhorpatan, Baglung and Nisikhola VDC.

Engineer Guru Prasad Adhikari stated that Real Parts Engineering Consultancy has prepared DPR after the authorities have given responsibility to construct airport where Twin –Otter aircraft can operate flight.

The technical team suggested that the runway of 700 meters long with 1 KM long field could be made at selected site.

After examining the site last year, the authorities gave responsibilities to prepare DPR to consultancy.

The consultancy has submitted the DPR to authorities.

‘There are possibilities of constructing the runway of 700 m longs and 100 m wide and some area for parking,’ the authorities stated, ‘the site lies in 2000 m above sea level which is best for tourism as well.’

The selected site is located 5 Km away from Burtiwang market.

He also said that it would be appropriate for the tourists who plan to visit Dhorpatan.

There is airport near to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve which was built a decade ago. Dhorpatan airport was closed due to lack of maintenance and turned into grazing field.

One of the local said that Dhorpatan can be reached in one and half hour through roadway after the airport is constructed at Arnakot.

It will be easier for local resident to travel Rukum, Rolpa, Myagdi and Dolpa after the airport construction.

Likewise, Dhorpatan Municipality has made a policy for Safe Nursing mothers Services from helicopters.

According to DPR, the airfield can be constructed by investing NRs 2 Billion where Twin-otter aircraft can operate regular flights.

Nearly NRs. 40 lakhs has been invested for early study.

Arnakot is situated at 100 KM away from Baglung Bazaar. Baglung has two airports out of which Balewa Airport is out of operation due to technical problem. Other airport is located at Dhorpatan which is also out of operation. Previously, the tourists visiting to hunting reserve used to travel through this airport, those now remain closed.

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