Preparations for DPR and feasibility study under way for Nagidanda Airport

The government has decided to allocate 250 million rupees for the initiation of the construction of alternative domestic airport at Nagidanda, Kavre, to reduce the increasing air traffic congestion in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

In the fiscal year 2075- 076, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) prepared demand of an estimated amount of 250 million rupees for conducting a detailed feasibility Study  and Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the proposed airport.

The government has also arranged the amount from upcoming budget with preparations for the construction of domestic airport in Nagidanda. The budget should be approved by the Board of CAAN.

MoCTCA Minister Rabindra Adhikari has been prioritizing the construction of alternative airport at Nagidanda, Kavre under his strategic plan. He also formed the technical study group (TSG) to study the airport. The study team also gave the report to the government that the construction of airport at Nagidanda of Kavre could reduce the rate of air traffic congestion by 31 percent at Tribhuvan International Airport.

However, the team suggested Minister Adhikari not to construct domestic airport for next five years when Minister asked what can be done for the overall development of the air sector.
According to Engineer Kamal Kumar KC’s consolidation, the technical study group (TSG) formed to suggest the government on possible ways to address air traffic congestion at TIA has recommended the construction of a domestic airport in Nagidanda of Kavre as an alternative to the domestic section.

According to the study team, Rs. 8.50 billion will be required for the construction of the airport in Nagidanda. The team has suggested that the domestic airport with 1200 meters long runway in Nagidanda can be constructed.

However, the construction work of Nagidanda airport could be commenced only after 12 months of the formal decision to build the airport. The report said that the construction of the airport could be completed within four to five years. The proposed airport location at Nagidanda is 24.6 km away from TIA whereas 8.62 far in Nautical mile.

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