Present scenario of Nepal aviation industry and long-term planning needs

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, thousands of scientists, researchers, doctors, and others have been deprived of sleep. They try to fix the dilemma that the outbreak developed. Not just them, but because of the epidemic, all the individuals of the planet are playing hide and seek with Corona.

On the one side, the virus threatens humanity and on the other the global economy. A country like Nepal’s economy is in a challenging recoverable position.

Flights have been suspended in the Nepalese airspace since 24 March. Although the flight ban is part of the Corona problem solving, it has become a curse for the economy. Repeatedly, the Government has asked for the ban to be extended to shield civilians. That has generated a growing array of problems. he rainy season on the one hand and the corona epidemic on the other. The people were unable to reach their destination because of both. Therefore, ensuring domestic flights are run in compliance with airport and health safety requirements would be prudent for the government.

Domestic terminal at Tribhuvan International Airport in preparation for domestic flights

The aviation industry was significantly affected by the widespread corona outbreak. For the country and the operators involved, it is disappointing that the flight sector, which is part of the economy of the business, has long been suspended.A big lesson should be learnt as COVID make 20,000 people at street in developed country .

The Government should consider the airlines deteriorating financial losses and passenger needs.Helicopter service providers have similar contributions and responsibilities. It is time for helicopter service providers, in such a desperate situation, to provide special services to the state and citizens by offering special packages. To this end, the state should remove the helicopter service providers ban on rescue flights, facilitate rescue flights and simplify complicated procedures.

In order to keep people and the economy alive, countries such as India, Europe, and the United States already started domestic flights. They generated on a partial basis and encouraged domestic travelers for flights. instead of the Corona outbreak, domestic flights into neighboring India began two months ago. Similarly, in many nations, including China, European countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, and Spain, which are known to be the epicenter of Corona, domestic flights operate smoothly. That is why, as soon as possible, the government of Nepal requires to regularize air travel.

The new aviation policy brought out by Yogesh Bhattarai, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, for the growth of airspace in Nepal, also has sufficient justification to suggest that airspace will be enhanced in the coming days. Nepal Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, Shree Airlines, Tara Air, Sita Air, Summit Air, and other airlines should be allowed to complete the flight by taking safety precautions.

Despite the challenges, the new date recently declared by the government would make it easier for all airline businesses to keep the economy alive with unique plans for domestic and international flights and help mitigate revenue loss for thousands of employees and dependent families.

In the past, at Tribhuvan International Airport, there were up to 350 domestic flights a day. But due to Corona, there is bound to be a lack of travelers.But there is sure to be a shortage of passengers due to Corona. In domestic flights there is a strong likelihood if each carrier, personnel, management complies with the COVID-19 specific operating procedures, COVID-10 operating rehearsal and Aviation safety risk control.
Opening air-travel facilities will be appropriate. Using WHO-approved spray, post-flight disinfection and use of the Mask / Face Shield during air travel is deemed safer than traveling by road.

In the current scenario, travel by car takes 8/10 hours and reaching the destination in one hour by air travel is much safer. This is a topic of satisfaction, too. If domestic flights are opened, airlines who are required to pay separate fees due to non-availability of flights will be relieved from the current situation. Despite the challenges, the new date newly declared by the state would make it possible for all airline companies to run internally and internationally with special preparations to keep the market floating and to sustain thousands of workers’ livelihoods and the displacement of dependent families.

Given the risk of potential recurrence of several other infections, a gradual preventive approach and a long-term strategy are required.

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