Press Release for Nepalese Air Traffic Controllers from International Air Traffic Controller’s Associations

The IFATCA (International Air Traffic Controller’s Associations) wishes to accept the incredible efforts attained by the Nepalese air traffic controllers in the after effect of the destructive earthquake in Nepal.

Though the houses of the controllers were damaged by the earthquake, the controllers did their best to keep the vital ATC infrastructure fully operational, facilitating the urgently needed relief efforts, including the same provision of search and the rescue flights. TIA which usually closes at the night was kept open 24 hrs a day. FATCA calls upon CAAN to accept the very great efforts of their professional air traffic controllers and provide material the provision of money allowing their controllers to use assisting the aviation IFATCA President and CEO.

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“Sadly, the earthquakes have again highlighted concerns IFATCA has previously expressed. The lack of numbers of qualified air traffic controllers, the lack of full

training for the controllers on the radar system as a control tool, and the failure to implement improvements in safety through available automation systems,” continued Mr. Peters. “Making best use of the existing technical facilities is achievable with commitment from CAAN and I hereby call on them to ensure full training is provided to their controllers to use the radar and automation system, and to commit to increasing staffing numbers to ensure a world class ATC service is provided in Nepal. I also appeal CAAN to publically acknowledge the outstanding efforts of their air traffic controllers in the aftermath of this tragic catastrophe”.


“On behalf of the international air traffic control community I would like to express our sincere respect and gratitude to the air traffic controllers of Nepal for the remarkable professionalism and dedication they have displayed in ensuring a safe and efficient ATC service during the rescue and relief responses to the devastating earthquakes. You are true professionals and we are proud to count you as members of the global controller family,” -Mr. Peters

Photo from IFATCA Facebook

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