Press release of Buddha Air regarding issue of ‘FAKE PILOTS’

Press release of Buddha Air regarding issue of ‘FAKE PILOTS’

Kathmandu, August 29, 2016

Following the recent viral topic of ‘Fake Pilot’ in Buddha Air on social Medias, Buddha Air has issued an official press release that covers the issue and assures that the subject ‘Swachhanda Ghale’ has already been suspended from the airlines who was found guilty by the central investigation bureau of Nepal Police.

Press Release of Buddha Air

Buddha Air explains in the release that the documentations of pilots from the education to flying qualifications are examined by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) prior to the airline before any pilot joins the airline. The pilot will be allowed to fly only after approval for him from CAAN and Mr. Ghale’s certificates were also checked OK by CAAN before he joined the airline.

As soon as the issue was sorted out concluding certain certificate of the fellow pilot was fake, he was immediately suspended from the airline, Buddha Air claims.

Fake Pilot certificates have been never ending issue in Nepal Aviation these days which proves that special attention should be made by the concerned authorities to sole the matter before it even initializes.

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