Pressure from Govt. expedites blacktopping project of Rajbiraj Airport

The blacktopping project of Rajbiraj Airport has acquires some pace after the government gave final deadline for the completion within next month.

Previously, the project failed to gather pace, raising doubts over completion of the project even in April, this year.

The Blacktopping work of the runway and airport fencing was started last year and was completed up to 1500m but due to flood, the completed constructions were disrupted.

On November 2016, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) awarded the NRs 33 Million project to Raman Kanchha Ram Dev and Sayar JV Construction Company and the project was supposed to be accomplished in December 15, 2017 but the work was delayed due to flood, dense fog, and other reasons. While the delay in the construction has irked the locals of the district, no flights have been operated in the airport since last nine years.

So, the government has allocated final deadline to the construction companies due to which the project has gathered some pace.

Approximately 30 percent of the construction work is still pending.

Project head for Rajbiraj Airport of CAAN, Ram Iqbal Mahato, acknowledged that the work of base and sub-base for runway has been completed and blacktopping at upper layer is only left. The construction of ATC Control and Terminal building is also expected to complete in couple of month, added Mr. Mahato.

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