Price negotiation ultimatum for 757 Karnali concludes on 27 August  

Nepal Airlines’ price negotiation with Avion systems Inc from USA and BB airways of Nepal for selling out its aged Boeing 757 Karnali is scheduled to be concluded by 27 August Sunday.

The flag carrier had allocated week long tenure to both US and Nepal companies to come up with a concrete price decision on 20 August. Both companies on their previous negotiation with Nepal Airlines had come up with fourteen crore price mark for claiming the Boeing 757 aircraft. Nepal Airlines has denied the proposal and made their decision, not to sale the aircraft for less than 15.5 crores of Nepalese currency.

NAC after two consecutive failure of the Boeing aircraft sale auction had come up with the decision to sale the decade long aircraft with price margin between 15-16 crore but Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry had denied flag carriers’ decision and had requested not to sale the aircraft below 15.5 crores. So, NAC is waiting for Avion and BB airways decision if they are willing to earn the aircraft by paying the amount. Both the parties are allocated with week long duration to make their mind and thus the deadline for the decision is 27 August.

Nepal Airlines had earlier announced the Global Tender for selling Boeing 757-200 Karnali “9N-ACA” Aircraft twice. But the airlines failed on both the occasions to attract single bidders due to excessive price mark. Auction for the first time was announced on 10 April 2017 with a minimum bidding of $1.7 million but the Flag carrier failed to receive a single bid till the dateline of May 24.

NAC after the extreme failure on the first occasion re-called bidder for the second time on 29th May but still were unsuccessful to receive any biddings back again. The announced bid failed back again without a single propose by over all deadline which concluded on June 12. The Airline Corporation devoted in attracting bidders for selling the three-decade-old aircraft were blown with back to back failure.

However, the failure of agreement compelled NAC to sit on for direct price negotiation with companies.

NAC being stressed on failing to sell the Boeing aircraft as well as being occasionally requested to remove injured grounded Boeing 757 from TIA authority is currently in a troubled situation.

Currently, Nepal Airlines own two Boeing 757 aircraft “Karnali & Gandaki”, one out of which “Gandaki” is at Singapore for the C-Check inspection likely to return back in operation by the first week of September.



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