Prime Minister Prachanda inaugurated Pokhara International Airport

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda inaugurated Pokhara International Airport today.

Prime Minister Prachanda formally inaugurated the international airport by lighting a lamp in a panas (traditional Oil lamp) at a special ceremony held in Pokhara.

There is an enthusiastic presence of Pokhara residents in the ceremony. Flowers were showered there by helicopter.

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Aerobridge for the first time at an international airport

International flight passengers will be allowed to utilize the aerobridge at Pokhara International Airport for the first time in Nepal’s airports. Here, an aerobridge has been installed so that, after completing all airport processes, you may board the plane, deplane, and go to immigration. With the aerobridge’s configuration, no ladders will be required for loading and unloading aircraft.

50 percent discount on ground handling service at Pokhara Airport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal will give a 50% discount on the ground handling service of Pokhara International Airport. The authority says that this discount will be available for one year.

Pradeep Adhikari, DG of the Authority, said it had been decided to give a 100% discount on parking and other services at Pokhara Airport for one year to attract international air service companies.

Speaking at the airport’s opening ceremony on Sunday, he said that the third international airport would be important for developing and expanding the tourism sector.

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