Process to amend domestic air passengers insurance to initiate

With the application and practice of Montreal convention (MC99) in Nepal, the insurance of international air travelers using Nepali carriers have increased however domestic air travelers travelling within the country won’t have advantage by it. Yet, concerned authorities from government are trying to bring new law for domestic carriers.

Currently, air traveler using domestic carriers within the country are receiving 20 thousand US Dollars as insurance in case of any loss.

The insurance amount was same for both domestic and international passenger as per Warsaw protocol before the practice of Montreal Convention.

Currently, MC99 does not have any impact on domestic air travel and government has stated that they are making separate laws that will be based more or less like Montreal convention principles for domestic airlines.

Government officials stated that the insurance amount is considerably low and air crash in domestic sector is frequent.

The compensation amount in domestic sector will not be as much as for international travelers stated official however they are working to make subsequent increase in the amount to around 70-80 thousand US Dollars.

Montreal Convention (MC99) came into practice in Nepal from December 15, 2018. With the practice of the Montreal Convention, air passenger travelling from Nepali international carriers will receive around 160,000 US Dollars as insurance in case of any accident and loss of life in the accident during international travel.

The new law for domestic carriers is also must, as there has been gradual increment in flight frequency of domestic carrier that has reached around near around 1, 00,000 flights a year from domestic airline increasing the number of domestic air passenger respectively.

The Montreal convention was introduced in May of 1999 and was globally implemented from November of 2003.

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