Professor Hijacked Egypt Air’s Aircraft For a Lady.

Professor Hijacked Egypt Air’s Aircraft For a Lady.

A professor aged 27 of Alexandria University has hijacked Egypt Air’s A320-232 aircraft possessing flight number MS 181 with 82 passengers onboard en route from Alexandria to Cairo for a lady.

It has been reported that the professor intends to deliver his letter to that lady for whom he has hijacked the aircraft. According to the sources, the lady is the Ex-wife of the professor and the professor is resident of Egypt named Ibrahim Samaha. One of the personnel of Egypt Air has been attempting to send the letter written by the hijacker ( the professor) to the lady but the address and nationality of the lady is still unknown.

Till now 56 passengers have been released from the aircraft and are reported to be safe. Details are yet to come.

Hijacker has demanded for politics protection.

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