Prohibited of import of pressurized aircraft aging than 12 years: Draft Aviation Policy 2077

The final draft of the Aviation Policy 2077 prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation was released in order to get the stakeholders’ opinion.

Import of pressurized aircraft aging than 12 years in Nepal is prohibited by policy. An aircraft in any type from 12 years old or completed 50 percent of the life of economic design or completed 35,000 pressurization cycles can not be imported. There was a provision formerly for importing aircraft up to 15 years old. The policy has also been modified for Non-pressurized aircraft requiring no older than 15 years to import.

Such a clause was included in the Aviation Policy 2077 final draft, prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Private Aircraft policy

The government has developed a policy for import and bringing into operation of private Aircraft. As per draft Aviation Policy 2077, arrangements for the import and operation of single-engine fixed wings for private and training purposes would be initiated taking into account the efficiency and condition of the engine performance as expected by the authority concerned.

Aircraft Accident and Incident Committee

Currently, in the event of an aircraft accident and incident, there is a tradition of establishing an inquiry committee for accidents/incidents through the decision of the tourism minister. This expresses concern about the Aircraft Accident and Incident investigation. The new policy incorporates the concept of establishing a framework for an independent investigation.

An impartial process for investigating incidents is one of the concerns the ICAO and the European Union have been asking for a long time. The draft outlines that an independent, well-resourced system for investigating accidents should be placed in place to make the aircraft’s accident investigation efficient and successful.

Financial Part

Now, whenever a company operates an international airline, foreign investment may be taken up to 80 percent. Meanwhile, the government has put in place a policy to allow up to 90 percent of foreign investment in flying schools. The establishment of a maintenance organization (MRO) would permit up to 95 percent foreign investment. On the other hand, domestic airlines should only be permitted to carry foreign investment of up to 49 percent.

Flying School in Nepal

Free use of the airport for a certain period of time will be provided for Flying school in Nepal. That will promote the opening of the country’s flight training schools. For these purposes, airports that are not in use in Nepal will be used.

International Airlines

Airlines that have operated domestic flights for five consecutive years will now also be eligible for international flights. Even after that, such a company must continue domestic flights from at least three aircraft. The newly formed airline would have to raise the number of aircraft to three within one year.

Drone Activity

For drone and UAV flying activity; Authorization, information analyzes of National Security, and its conceits will be initiated with CAAN cooperation.

Information Technology

The policy has addressed the cybersecurity risk from abuse of Information Technology concerning the risk of Flight safety.

Dedicated Aviation security force (DASF)

Separate Dedicated Aviation Security Force (DASF) will be formed for high vigilance and effective implementation of air safety provisions.

Merger and Acquisition of Airlines

Merger and Acquisition of Airlines will be promoted to prevent the risk in the airline industry.

Click here to read the final draft of the Aviation Policy 2077

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