Project of Construction of Pokhara International Airport Begins

Project of Construction of Pokhara International Airport Begins


Anurup Pathak

September 9, 2016-Pokhara

China CAMC Engineering Company, a Chinese construction company, that beholds all the responsibilities of construction, has started construction works of the Pokhara International Airport.

Although, the then Former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had laid the foundation stone for the Pokhara International Airport on April 13, the construction task had not begun due to the rainy season. As per the Chief Engineer Mr. Chandra Madhi Sapkota, the company had started the fencing work on September 1, 2016 on the land of three thousand 1 hundred 6 ropani acquired during 2032 BS. The project later added 9 ropanies of land for the construction.

The construction company has also started the construction of temporary building for the company technical staff, workers and goods. Also, it has already black topped the road from the main gate of the project to the airport.

The Construction of this project is the glory for the nation and will stand as the second international airport in country. As per the team, the target has been set to complete the project until July 2020. The China Axim Bank has provided assistance loan of Rs 21 billion for the construction of the airport. After the construction, the airport runaway can be available for both Boeing 757 and Airbus 320 aircraft.

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