Proposal Of Escape Capsule For Civilian Aircraft

Proposal Of Escape Capsule For Civilian Aircraft


      A Ukranian engineer, having experience of working in Antonov Project and contribution in the creation of the super giant An-225, has proposed a concept of escape capsule for civilian airplanes.

    In case of emergency, the ejection of huge capsule from the back of the commercial airplane can save the lives of numerous people onboard the flight. It has been reported that inner part of aircraft fuselage will act as capsule itself on which all the passengers will be onboard.

  The capsule would have giant parachutes to control the rate of descent after being ejected from the back of the airplane. For making smooth landing, proximity sensors would set off the rockets while approaching to the ground and capsule could even float on water.


    At the time of emergency, capsule can be ejected from the airplane within 3 seconds. According to the aircraft manufacturer company, it is much difficult to equipp the existing civilian aircraft with escape capsule. However, small and medium sized upcoming civilian aircraft can be equipped with escape capsule. The addition of escape capsule will decrease the seating capacity and can increase fuel consumption.

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