Public Accounting Committee of the Parliament demands NAC purchase report in a week

Public Accounting Committee of the Parliament has directed the Public Purchasing Monitoring Office of the Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC) to report with the opinion within the next seven days.The meeting held on Wednesday (November 28) has directed to submit report by investigating whether there is error or not in the procurement process of A330 series aircraft within next seven days.

Public Accounting Committee called Secretary of Public Purchasing Monitoring Office, Madhu Prasad Regmi and Director Ram Chandra Sharma for the meeting. At the same time, committee asked for the office’s opinion on the aircraft purchase case.

Secretary Regmi said that the corporation did not cooperate with Public Purchasing Monitoring Office in many issues because of the fact that the monitoring office did not know much about the public purchase case. In the meeting, Hridaya Tripathi and Bishal Bhattarai from Parliament and other demanded opinion of public purchase monitoring office. Secretary Regmi committed to give opinion if specific time is provided.

Earlier, Chairman Bharat Shah showed scam of nearly NRs. 6.5 Billions in the procurement process in the meeting of Accounting committee on Sunday. At the same time, Accounting Committee also questioned NAC whether the corporation had real ownership in twin A330 aircrafts. The committee has asked answer from the government claiming NRs.6.5 Billion scam.

The committee has noticed that the there is not only scam in purchasing process but also in commission and promised to take strong legal action against whoever found guilty. Public Accounting Committee has informed to make serious discussion in upcoming meeting showing the weaknesses of NAC management while purchasing A330.

According to the trader involved in air service, Manufacturers at the purchase of aircraft pay 10% of the cost of aircraft to the buyer but NAC has not received Rs 2 Billion 400 Million commission while purchasing aircraft at NRs 24 Billions. Similarly, Chairman Bharat Shah showed scam of nearly NRs. 6.5 Billion in the total purchase of 24 Billion by calculating commission, maximum flight load deduction.

The committee asked for the answer with corporation and government, claiming that the scandal was started from there when NAC did not directly talk to Airbus company and took help from broker while purchasing Airbus. It has also expressed concerns over the aircraft that were purchased which are not in proper management yet and the consolidated losses of the corporation.

Similarly, the committee asked about the reasons why the corporation had drowned in loan about more than 33 Billion Rupees.

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