Qantas Airways:  Airbus A380 dumped the fuel due to loss of Engine Oil

Qantas Airways flight en-route for Los Angeles has landed safely in Sydney when the flight crew noticed a loss of engine oil after an alert light came on about an hour after its departure from Melbourne.

Spokesperson for Qantas Airways, Mr. Stephen Moynihan noted the information that judgment to land in Sydney was made by captain to have the fault fixed rather than continuing on the 14-hour flight.

Mr. Moynihan released the statement that “We apologize to passengers for the interruption to their journey but safety is always our first priority”. “Our focus is now getting them on their way as soon as possible”

Airbus A380 which can accommodate up to 484 passengers and is powered by four-engine will now go under the inspection by Engineering Team.

Although the engine was “set to idle” as a result of the oil leak, it was not shut down.



Just over a month ago, another A380 was forced to turn back to Los Angeles two hours into a flight to Melbourne when an engine began overheating and losing power.

Passengers reported seeing flames but Qantas insisted the engine did not catch fire and was simply “sparking”.

The Rolls Royce engine was replaced at LAX and the aircraft back in service within a week.

That incident remains under investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

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