Qatar Airways First Class, premium product of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways First Class is the premium product of Qatar Airways, whose success at one time competed with the strongest air travel markets yet outsmarted its own expectations. The first-class product of Qatar Airways is a dream of major air travelers, with its seats just as a hotel room. Qatar’s first-class just gets everything right, which is a small world in itself and superbly organized.

Qatar Airways Q suites

The first-class suite of Qatar Airways provides the most stunning air lounge, premium check-in area for customers. Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge is one of the most luxurious airline lounges, which looks like a modern art museum blended with a peaceful and tranquil environment and luxurious touch. This seems to be the perfect example of a museum and day spa. Qatar Airways special first-class lounges welcome regional first-class travelers. There are the best amenities and space- the world’s best first-class has to offer. The airline fills the gap in luxury travel with its first-class product. Featuring the premium routes, this niche product is focused on affluent customers from Qatar.

Qatar Airways is a premium airline, serving passengers with a high-quality experience across the board. Qatar Airways strives to strike a perfect balance with first class plans.

Qatar Airways first class
Qatar Airways first class

The massive drop in air demand and passenger revenue loss has the first class shrinking on the airlines. Seven months back, i.e., in December 2020, Qatar Airways Albar Al Baker’s CEO pointed out the demise of the A380s in Qatar, which implied the end of long-haul first-class offerings. The international first class of Qatar Airways is an exclusive product of Airbus A-380 aircraft.  But he has hinted about the possible new first class products in the selected routes. The airline will add new Boeing 777s to its fleet offering four suites.

Although no longer first-class product of Qatar Airways is sought, for now, the demand still persists for this world-class product.  The elite Qatari passengers demand first class. The routes where first -class products will be offered are more likely to be small networks, where wealthy Qatari business people need to travel to do the business. The opportunity also exists for the routes to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo in years to come.  It will serve the limited routes like London, Paris. However, when the airline will take delivery of these aircraft is yet to be witnessed and is in the realm of entirely speculative. The exclusive first class cabin of just four seats is aimed at well-heeled Qatari elites. The first class of Qatar Airways definitely has to surpass Qsuite, which is the world’s best business class product.

It has been several years that Qatar hasn’t asked for the delivery of new aircraft introducing first class cabin. Given the Boeing 777 takes precedence, once it comes into fruition, it may provide the best long-haul first class at the very front of the 777.

But then, it has a very high first and business product, Qsuite, renowned as one of the best next-generation business class products. ‘First in Business’ Qsuite is more like traveling on absolute luxury and even more exciting than flying first class in some other airlines. 

Qatar Airways team is still debating whether to elevate the next generation of Qsuite to satisfy the requirement so the first class will no longer be needed or indeed launch a small first-class product for premium selected business routes on future aircraft.

Qatar Airways first class experiences
Qatar Airways first class experiences

Recently, the slight possibility of the return of A380s in the Qatar fleet has been revealed. A380 is the sought-after aircraft in the aviation industry.  It flew primarily to the destinations of Asia, Europe, and Australia. The giant double-decker plane can once again be predicted to return to the sky in its grey and purple livery. That would imply the resume of first-class product. Yet the plane won’t be back anytime soon because the post-pandemic air situation won’t have enough passengers to fill the aircraft seats, and with rising environmental concerns and awareness, people opt for aircraft that offsets the carbon emission and has high fuel efficiency.

Pandemic’s impact on Qatar Airways First Class

COVID pandemic resulted in the grounding of larger planes, pervading most of the airline’s revenue loss. The elite passengers shy away from traveling in mass and switched to private flying, accelerating the airline’s decline in first class products. The first class offers big seats, more legroom, and lie-flat beds, menus by famous chefs. As first class has deliberately improved with modern state-of-art facilities, the pandemic marks the decline in demand for it.

So Qatar Airways hasn’t availed of first class as of now.  Hygiene protocols induced by a crisis, such as the use of disposable packages instead of Wedgwood ceramics and crystals, reduced the luxury façade. With top executives of the world getting over qualms regarding flying private instead of a commercial airline and cutting off carbon emissions contributing to sustainability, first class cabin demands are declining. First class suites can’t be accommodated by small aircraft, and there’s no massive demand to fill the seating capacity of big aircraft.

What’s the first class of Qatar Airways like?

If you want to have and experience the idea of luxury, Qatar Airway’s first-class cabin is the right option for you. All your tiredness and fatigue will be tarnished with the sweet taste of unparalleled comfort on fully lie-flat beds and a mouth-watering A la carte menu offering signature dishes. The innumerable exclusive offering ranges from sumptuous cuisine, vintages, and amenity kits of Bric and White Company’s loungewear (pajamas and slippers). Bric amenities package has a leather luggage tag, socks, eyeshades, lip balm, Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio facial mist, etc. More than 4000 entertainment options are made available while you rest and refresh in spacious seats and plenty of stowage choices. Onboard Wi-FI, USB plug, all these are offered so that you can transform the cabin into the work area.

Qatar Airways First class photo by Simon
Qatar Airways First class photo by Simon

Being given superior attention by award-winning cabin crew, your luxurious trip begins the time you check-in into the airport and arrive at the destination. The seats are ultra-wide using soft fabric. Tables can be extended to dine with your partner. The cabin offers you extra privacy with central aisle dividers tailored to provide extra space which you can lower or raise. The Giorgio Armani amenities, flight slippers, sleeper suits are all present to add up to your luxury seats. The first class cabin will make other cabins seem more obsolete. The first class of QR seems like an expensive gimmick.

Targeted to high yield business passengers, you’ll be pampered with the following services and facilities while flying first class on this Doha-based airline:

Check-in and baggage allowance

There’s a premium check-in area for first class passengers, and two carry-on baggage weighing 33 pounds are allowed.  While check-in baggage weight limit is designated as per route, you’ll get a maximum weight allowance of as much as two pieces of bags weighing 70 pounds each for flying to/from America and Africa.


Qatar Airways performs zonal boarding, with first class customers being prioritized the most while boarding on the aircraft.


Airbus A380 has a premium 1-2-1 seat configuration, with lie-flat seats, measuring 23 inches wide between armrests and 81 inches long and 33 inches wide while reclining.  A total of eight such seats is featured on the giant fleet, each of which has direct aisle access.


Qatar Airways allows its first class customers to access its entire first and business class lounges together with OneWorld alliance member airline lounges all over the world. The Al Safwa first class lounge in Doha has free spa service, a respite from the crowd, productive business pursuit, media rooms, sleep pods, comfortable beds, etc.

Qatar Airways first class lounge Alis Essa
Qatar Airways first class lounge Alis Essa


The cabin has beautiful decoration splashed by Qatar’s signature Burgundy, preset position for take-off and landing, seat controls. The armrest has a touchscreen where you can adjust your seat presets, lighting. There’s a bar behind the business class cabin set up with roller blinds, intricate lighting, and mirror splashback.


Qatar Airways Oryx One inflight entertainment offers a wide range of entertainment options for customers. The first class seats of Qatar Airways have massive functions together with an expansive choice of entertainment options so that no customers will be bored during the luxurious trip in the sky.

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar, which nabbed the first spot in the world’s best airline in 2021 by Airlines Ratings. With its base at Hamad International Airport, the airline is committed to offering sophisticated flight options worldwide with its best customer service and fares. Qatar Airways also bagged the ‘best business class award. We can stipulate how Qatar will embrace its first class passengers by looking at how well it is performing in the business class sector. No doubt Qatar will take the customer service and first class cabin innovation to a whole new level relishing the exclusive, luxurious offering to the first class customers in days to come.

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