Qatar Airways On Board Experience

If you’re on the hunt for an airline with the best on board luxury experience, then it’s time to check out our blog. Qatar Airways is a leading airline and one of the few that offers an exclusive Qatar Airways on board experience for its passengers. From unlimited Wifi to delicious food, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the way to your next  destination.

Being in the business for over two decades, Qatar Airways focuses on providing more transparent and flexible policies to its customers. Over the years, the airline has set a standard for global airlines by providing great on board experience and flexible cancellation policies. It is focused on providing the greatest comfort, fine cuisine, in-flight entertainment, first-class accommodations, and fast assistance to its passengers. Because of this the airline is considered the customer’s number one choice.

Qatar Airways always strives to offer the best on-board experience to its passengers. It has specific sets of on-board amenities for its guests from different cabin classes. Let’s dive deeper…

Economy Class

The economy class of Qatar Airways is said to be the best in the world as it provides one of the widest and most spacious seats onboard. The passengers can have their own personal space with enough space to eat, sleep and stretch out. The seat is 34 inches (86 cm) with individual seat-back TV screens or touch-screen IFE monitors. The airline will soon install new seats on its aircraft in order to provide more comfort and convenience to its passengers. Though these seats will provide less personal space, there will be new facilities such as the seats will have a 10.6 inch in-seat LED monitor each and USB ports for connecting items like phones or cameras.

First Class seat in a Qatar Airways Airbus A350

First Class

Qatar Airways First Class provides a sumptuous, upscale and private experience to the passengers with 6.5 feet of legroom, and seats that can turn into a bed with feather duvets. Its seats can also function as a massage chair and also has a 26-inch television screen. The seats are designed to stimulate luxury, comfort and hours of unoccupied personal time so you can catch up on rest and relaxation.

Business Class

Flying shouldn’t be tiresome. It should be relaxed and comfortable with ample legroom to stretch out and a comfortable recline seat, where you can relax your mind and body throughout your journey. Business Class cabins provide the best experience of unrivaled space and comfort. Passengers in Business Class get to relax in comfort with reclining seats, enjoy direct aisle access or rejuvenate with the exclusive Diptyque amenity kits and designer loungewear by The White Company. The flatbed seats with 180 degrees recline also have the massage functions and provide the most luxurious in air experience.

Qsuite – First in Business

If you are on a long-haul flight and want to have a more upscale experience onboard, call Qatar Airways and find about Qsuite. “Qsuite” is a new business class cabin which was introduced in March 2017. It provides a perfect blend of comfort and privacy. Its seats have taken innovation of the cabins to a whole new level. To avoid any interruption the suits feature doors and Do Not Disturb indicators.The passengers will be provided pillows, a quilted mattress, a plush duvet and slippers by The White Company sleepwear for free.

In-flight entertainment

There is a complete arrangement for your entertainment on the Qatar Airways flight. You can stream your favorite movie or show on your personal device or you can also listen to your favorite music or podcast. If you like to play games online then you will be happy to hear that you can do that here too.


The airline serves mouth-watering dishes designed by the world’s best chefs to its passengers thanks to the on-demand à la carte menu. Qatar Airways on board experience also includes  a wide variety of appetizers, main courses and dessert, which you can pre-book. On top of that the airline also makes sure to meet all your requirements to provide allergy friendly, vegan and health care meals to its passengers.


Qatar Airways helps you stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues throughout your journey. It provides unlimited connectivity on board but you will have to pay for it additionally and the amount paid for the Super Wi-Fi is non-refundable. Unfortunately this service is not available on all the flights, it is advisable for all the passengers to check WiFi availability on board.

Bottom Line

Qatar Airways is always on the lookout for ways to make its passengers’ travel experience as convenient as possible. It always provides an amazing onboard experience for its passengers of all flight classes. It is always easy to find your way around the cabin and the staff are always willing to help you with anything you need. The plane is also very comfortable and spacious which makes your journey hassle free.

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