Qatar Airways to give special discount to customers of Mega Bank

Qatar Airways is giving special discount to the customers of Mega Bank Nepal Limited.

Anupama Khunjeli, CEO of Mega Bank Nepal Limited and Mohamed El Emam, Country Manager of Qatar Airways have agreed to provide priority and discount in the air services of Qatar Airways.

According to the agreement, Qatar Airways will give 10 per cent discount on the air ticket to the debit and credit card user of Mega Bank. It is also mentioned that this offer will be implemented in 160 countries where Qatar Airways operate scheduled flights.

Customers can take ticket using the card of Mega Bank from corporate office of Qatar Airways located at Hattisar. In addition, the arrangement has also been made to buy ticket through Mega Smart mobile banking.

Similarly, Credit card user of Mega Bank can purchase tickets through monthly installments.

Mega Bank believed that the customers would be directly benefitted from this agreement.

Along with the latest banking facility, Mega Bank also has been arranging additional facilities and special offers to its customer by signing agreement in various sector including hospitals, restaurant, shopping mall.

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