Qatar’s quest to politicize its crisis rejected by ICAO

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has issued a series of complications regarding a complaint generated by Qatar against the four boycotting nations. According to ICAO, the ongoing issues between the concerned states should be tackled in the international forums away from the ICAO.

Director-General of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said, “These resolutions confirm the neutrality of ICAO and its commitment to its mandate, which it was founded for, to ensure the safety of civil aviation across the world.”

Meanwhile, UAE GCAA has denied the news of opening airspace of the UAE to Qatar-registered aircraft. In a statement Wednesday, GCAA clarified that it allowed Qatar aircraft to use the airspace located above international waters and managed by the UAE and not UAE airspace.

ICAO Council appreciated the approach made by the Secretariat General and concerned states to prepare contingency measures in the Gulf region. The Council commended the decision made by the four nations to open new emergency routes to enhance smooth flow of air traffic overseas but ICAO said these routes were temporary, which was granted in exceptional cases and during the increase of air traffic in the specific area.

The Council urged member states to continue cooperation so as to enhance safety, efficiency, security and sustainability of international air traffic.

It also expressed appreciation to the four nations for the spirit of cooperation they have shown during the extraordinary session.


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