Rajbiraj Airport blacktopping work to be commenced only after Chhat Puja

The blacktopping project of Rajbiraj Airport which was expected to be completed by Karthik this year will now only be commenced by the date. The blacktopping of the airport runway section has been scheduled to be started after the end of Chhat Puja.

The airport has been obstructed by multipliable factors in numerous occasions. Previously monsoon flood has destroyed the base structure of the runway section which was recently completed.

Thus the constructing team is currently working to cope up and resettle the destroyed section.

We will now only be able to start the blacktopping work after the end of festive season reported Er. Ram Iqbal Mahato, Project Manager for Rajbiraj Airport.

The airport enhancement project was commenced more over seven months back but the project was compelled to terminate for some time as the flood at Terai inundated the airport, he added.

Er. Mahato reported that Rajbiraj Airport is big in structure so we had completed the construction of base construction section of runway, taxiway, apron and turning path but flood has delayed the blacktopping job. So, the blacktopping of the runway will be started from Karthik 10; after Chhath Puja.”

According to him, the entire blacktopping project will be completed by Mangshir. Besides he also added that if the construction work does not witness any further obstruction the airport will be ready to land aircraft by end of Mangsir.

State and constitutional election scheduled on 10th and 21st of Mangsir is now the matter of concern for further delay, Mahato reported.

Kancharam Rama Dev Joint Venture, the successor of the contract for the airport maintenance project is building the runway with a total amount of Rs303 million budgets.

The construction was expected to be completed by Jestha, 2074 but got delayed on two occasions; firstly when its contractor got involved in another tender of blacktopping the runway of Biratnagar Airport and secondly Terai flood obstructed the construction.

After the complete renovation, the Rajbiraj Airport will be capable to land ATR aircraft.


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