Rajbiraj Airport preparing to initiate flight operation from new year

The construction project of Rajbiraj Airport has reached almost at last phase after the government increased pressure over the construction company.

The blacktopping project of Rajbiraj Airport has acquired some pace after the authority gave final deadline for the completion within next month.

Previously, the project failed to gather pace, raising doubts over completion of the project even in April, this year.

With the aim of completion of the construction project of airport within the month of Chaitra, Raman Kanchha Ram Dev and Sayar JV Construction company have given more intensity for the project.

Minister of Transportation, Mr. Ganeshman Singh started the construction of the airport in 2016 however, regular flights didn’t happen as expected.

Mr. Satya Ram Duwal, Engineer of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal stated that the construction work which was initiated in Mangsir,2073 is in the last phase and 80 percent of the blacktopping has been completed. The remaining work is expected to complete within last month of this year, he added.

According to Mr.Duwal, the airport will be fully prepared for operating flights from the second week of Baisakh where there is high possibility of expansion of airport by acquiring surrounded land. He said that the construction work of 1500m long and 30 m wide runway, 60 m wide and 90 m long apron and 105m long and 20 m wide taxiway are in progress.

Er.Duwal said that even if the entire work would be completed within the month of Chaitra, the high building or any high tower which can cause obstacles should be removed around the airport to operate the safe flight.

There are a dozen of brick factories around the airport. The smoke coming out from those factories can cause problem in visibility. Local people have to intensify work to cut down the trees near to the airport and also remove the factories nearby.

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