Rajbiraj Airport project nearing completion; will resume operation soon

Rajbiraj Airport located at Saptari district which was out of operation due to blacktopping project will resume its operation soon.

According to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the preparations are being made to operate flight within a week.

Raman Kanchha Ram Dev and Sayar JV had got the tender for airport construction at Rs 330 million without VAT.

According to Ram Iqbal Mahato, project head of Rajbiraj Airport stated that 1500 meters long and 30 meters wide blacktopped runway, 90 m long and 60 meters wide apron and 20 meters taxiway construction work is completed and the work of slope construction also reached the final stage.

“We can conduct flights within two days but we are planning to handover the construction work in a week,” he added.

According to Mahato, almost all the work have been completed besides marking runway and setting up the tower. There are a dozen of brick factories around the airport. The smoke coming out from those factories can cause problem in visibility. Mahato said that local government and the administration should be serious about removing brick factories.

Since 1995, Rajbiraj Airport has halted flight operation. The renovation work of Rajbiraj Airport has started since 2073.

According to agreement, the renovation work was supposed to finish in Mangsir 2074 but due to numerous reasons the renovation work was delayed.

As per information, the government has changed the name of the Rabiraj airport to the Gajendra Narayan Singh Airport.

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