Runway construction started at decades old Rajbiraj Airport

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Photo: construction work going on at Rajbiraj Airport/ Source: THT

Runway construction started at decades old Rajbiraj Airport

 January 10,2017- Rajbiraj

Rajbiraj Airport which was just an airfield and was completely closed some three years back will now have pitched runway until Karthik, 2074.

The enhancement work had started some 25 to 26 days ago and the work is going on smoothly.

The contracter for the airport is the experienced one, Kanchharam Raman Dev which has been given 25-26 crores to build the runway.

According to the project chief, Er Ram Iqbal Mahato, 1500 by 30 metres of runway will be black topped which is slated to complete till Karthik but the team aims to complete it by Jestha 15 to avoid rainy season which will likely hamper the work.

He also said that the runway was constructed keeping in mind the ATR 72 aircraft of Buddha Air which will also perform the test landing at the runway a week after its completion.

Likewise, the apron of 90 by 60 meters will also be constructed. The taxiway which was previously set to be 30 meters length has gotten reduced to 20 meters due to lack of budget according to Mr. Mahato.

The airport will conduct flights in Kathmandu- Rajbiraj and Rajbiraj-Biratnagar route.

Mr. Mahato also told that after the completion of the airport, it would be handed over to Rajbiraj office.

The airport was previously closed due to lack of scheduled flights at the airport which could accommodate only small aircraft in its airfield.

The airport was first inaugurated in 1959 A.D. by NC leader Late Ganeshman Singh.

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