Rajbiraj Airport’s blacktopping project postponed further

Rajbiraj Airport’s blacktopping project has been delayed further due to election phases. Besides, the weather in Terai region is unfavorable for worker to carry on the constructional works however, the rehabilitation of base construction of runway and taxiway will begin from tomorrow.

The previous base construction was completed up to 1500m but due to flood, the completed constructions were disrupted. At present, the base construction of runway is rehabilitated up to 1300m and remaining 200m will be completed by tomorrow.

Project manager Ram Iqbal Mahato said, “Due to cold weather conditions, the blacktopping project is postponed. The work will begin from 1st of Falgun and 25 days is estimated for its completion. Before that, all the small construction works will be completed and blacktopping work will start. The base structure of runway previously completed was wipe out by flood and need to reconstruct it which may take 10 days.” All the renovation work will be completed by falgun and the flights operation is expected to function from Chaitra 1st week, he added.

The airport enhancement project was commenced more over eight months before still blacktopping project was forced to terminate for some times because of numerous troubles like flooding, election and festive seasons. The airport has been obstructed by multipliable factors in numerous occasions.

Rajbiraj Airport is out of operation from four years. The airport used to conduct Lamidanda-Rajbiraj and phalpu-Rajbiraj flights.

After the complete renovation, the Rajbiraj Airport will be capable of accommodating bigger aircraft like ATR. The rumors have been arising that the Rajbiraj Airport could be converted into a flight training school or a maintenance point for the aircraft.

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