Rapid Upgradation Of Bhairawa Airport To Gautam Buddha International Airport.

Rapid Upgradation Of Bhairawa Airport To Gautam Buddha International Airport

With the recent invitation of Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction group of China for signing the contract, our country will possess new alternative airport to current sole Tribhuvan International Airport by 2018.

       CAAN stated that a Chinese contraction will arrive to Nepal to handover bank guarantee. The construction had already begun and diversion of river has been completed along with many progress. The construction stage is in final phase.

        The construction of new runway of 3000m length, exit and parallel taxiways, aircraft parking apron with rigid pavements are still needed to complete before opening it for international flights. By 2018, airport will be capable of handling 760,000 passengers annually. After 10 years, airport expansion project will be commenced by which airport will be capable of handling 60 millions passengers annually.

       As the Gautam Buddha International Airport lies at low altitude than TIA. So, wide bodies aircraft like A380, B747, B777, C-5 etc can easily operate their flights to Nepal.

      The project is estimated to be completed for RS 6.30 billion by CAAN. The price tag of Northwest construction group is Rs 897.35 million less than price of second lowest bidder.

               The commencement of Gautam Buddha International Airport will play vital role for the improvement of Tourism of Nepal. It will be international gateway to Lumbini, Birthplace of lord Gautam Buddha and will work as an alternative to TIA. In the case of diversion of flights from TIA, ATC can easily divert aircraft to Gautam Buddha International Airport.


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