Rapid Upgradation Rate Of Gautam Buddha International Airport Within 90 Days Of Inaguration

Rapid Upgradation Rate Of Gautam Buddha International Airport Within 90 Days Of Inaguration


An alternative for Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Gautam Buddha International Airport is in the rapid rate of development phase. The construction tendor has been provided to chinese company Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction. In accordance to the agreeement between Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Northwest Airport Construction, the upgradation of airport must be completed by December of 2017.

           Currently, Airport has 1500 meters runway due to which domestic planes are only able to conduct their flight to Gautam Buddha Airport but after the up gradation, the airport will possesses 3000 meters runway with extensible area so that if runway needs to be broaden/ extend then there won’t be any difficulties. With the runway length of 3000 meters, wide body aircrafts such as A330, B777, B747, DC-10 and so on can easily conduct their flight to Nepal.

       According to the officials of CAAN, for the upgradation of Gautam Buddha International Airport, CAAN has per-predicted the total sum of 8 arab 55 crore NRS. Among which 6 arab 12 crore and 73 lakh NRS has been handed to Northwest construction company for the first stage upgradation and rest of the amount will be used for second stage of upgradation by another company that CAAN will select via global tender or may be by the same company.

   In order to upgrade Gautam Buddha International Airport from domestic level to international standard, the river named “Ghara” that passes via the area of Gautam Buddha International Airport needs to be diverted within the begining of monsoon. It has been reported that construction company will be able to divert the river before of the defined time by CAAN.

         The construction materials like cement, steel and so on that will be consumed during upgradation must possess good quality and should meet international standards. So, company has been focused on selecting and using such qualitative materials. If the rate of upgradation will be same in upcoming days then soon we’ll have another international airport in our country as an alternative for TIA. By the commencement of the new service of Gautam Buddha International Airport, tourism of Nepal will march towards success and financial condition of nation will improve.

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