Rara Airport still deprived of essential airport infrastructure

Talcha Airport at Rara is situated at complex geographical region as it is in the risk of getting affected by flood. The airport lacks essential infrastructural development, technology and equipment and is also requiring timely maintenance works.

The airport is still waiting for the complete renovation and completion of its construction despite completing over 30 years of operation. It features 570 meters of blacktopped runway but majority of infrastructure are yet to be established.

This airport lacks fencing around its perimeter as the security personnel must secure the area while the aircraft take off and land due to high probability of runway breach by animals or locals.

Security officials report that the airport’s runway has become a road way for locals and animals due to lack of perimeter fencing. At the time of flight operation, the risk of incident is high as any people or animal can anytime exploit the runway.

Besides, there is high risk of flood at the airport. A river near the airport periphery is penetrating thus, resulting flood into the lower part of the airport. So, proper and timely maintenance, perimeter fencing and flood control is desperately required at the moment.

flood in rara

Past Incident: Nepal Army, Nepal Police and airport official clean the apron after the thick mud brought by the flood

Airport official report that the infrastructure of the tower and terminal building is also feeble. They are compelled to work at the small infrastructure with limited technical equipment. Lack of telephone service, display machine, internet facility, departure terminal and well-facilitated terminal building has created a difficult environment for the airport officials. Elderly citizens, sick patient, differently able passengers are deprived of well-facilitated waiting room.

Likewise, another huge problem at the airport is unavailability of telephone tower near airport. A tower at headquarter Gamgadhi works only in certain part rarely and doesn’t work inside the room. Officials have requested for construction of fences, well equipped terminal building, departure building communication and internet service to high levels. They are also hoping for Nepal Telecommunication to establish a telephone tower near airport so as to be connected with rest of the country. The respective authority must take an effective action as soon as possible to prevent future incidents at the airport.

RARA AIRPORT SNOWBeautiful view of Rara Airport with snow

At present, the Rara Airport handles 2-5 daily flights conducted by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Tara Air, Sita Air and Summit Air.

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