Recovering Major pilot Anita Ale Magar 

Nepal Army Skytruck ‘NA-048’was crashed at Bajura Airport on May 30. The aircraft was en-route to Simikot from Surkhet but was flipped at the runway caused by the heavy load of wind. The flip resulted in the Nepal Army Skytruck to heavy and rapid flames of fire causing a death and two injuries of on board flight crew. National hero Colonel Pilot Kailash Gurung lost his life in the catastrophic plane crash. Major Pilot Ale Magar was left in coma lingering between life and death with damaged liver and spine after the crash of the aircraft at Bajura.

Poor flying condition on the day had made it difficult for the army helicopter to land Major Anita at Kathmandu for proper treatment so she was somehow carried to Nepalgunj. But the health condition of Major Anita was degrading with the pass of every single minute. With injured liver, her inner organs were continuously bleeding leading her to unconsciousness. In short, she was in a situation of life and death. The night passed by unconsciousness breathing in the ventilator of the local health post in Nepalgunj for Anita.

Nepal Army somehow with the clearing sky succeeded to manage and landed unconscious Major Anita at Grande International Hospital, Kathmandu by 2 pm afternoon next day for the much-needed treatment. Doctors at Grande International Hospital performed an emergency operation risking Major Anita’s life and death situation. The operation succeeded to recover Major Anita’s liver from continues bleeding but still, the entire nation and aviation lover was praying for her consciousness and proper breath.

The prayers worked, according to the information received from the hospital, Major Anita was disembarked from ventilation at around 9 am on 2nd June and her health condition started reviving. Today Major Anita has completely recovered from her liver injury and only has minor injuries in her neck spine and leg caused by the aftershock of the crash.

Major Anita is visiting Dr. Binod Bijukchhe Orthopedic and Spine specialist for psychotherapy treatment of her injured neck and leg. Anita mentions that she is very thankful to entire good wishes for recovering her back. The doctor has already requested her to take off her neck pad and her spine is slowly leaving the pain. Anita told us that her leg injury has caused her difficult to walk and so she is using crutches while walking. She is currently in rest residing in her home and is making her mind in controlling the throttle back again shortly after the recover.


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