Regular flight Schedule of September with 800 pax per day

Ten international airlines resumed scheduled flights to Nepal after almost six months, as well as although there is a high demand for travelers, the flight capability is constrained due to the government’s limit with just 800 passengers permitted per day.

Airlines operating with constrained duration and a limited number of passengers per flight were seen during the first week of operations. For now, only Nepalese citizens, diplomats, and their families are permitted in.

Foreigners are also not permitted, even those from India. Since there are no Indian airlines among 10 operating around through Kathmandu throughout September, too. This implies that many stranded Nepalis in India, and Indians in Nepal, would have to wait longer to finally reach home.

There are no constraints for departing passengers leaving Nepal however they may need to review the laws in the countries of travel. Often, they require a negative PCR report until they travel away.

For the remainder of the month, there’s only about 100 flights, and CAAN has announced a schedule for the arriving and departing times and dates.

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