Regular International flight to resume from September 1, except Saudi, Kuwait, and Qatar

The Government of Nepal has decided to operate daily regular international flights with conditions from September 1. There has been no statement on domestic flights.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation will, therefore, render a scheduled flight without taking 500 passengers a day, according to spokesperson Khatiwada.

The government has agreed not to carry Nepalese especially in countries where testing for PCR is not easy for the coronavirus (Covid-19), which has emerged as a global epidemic.

The possibility of regular flight opening at once is impossible. The government has decided to bring only those who have tested negative for corona on a regular flight. Khatiwada said there would be no immediate regular flights to countries where tests are difficult. Nepalese will be brought from such countries only by a chartered flight.

The government set new rescue guidelines to reduce the risk of infection of the corona. PCR test report before 72 hours should be present before embarking the aircraft. The government took this decision, as those who have not undergone PCR tests would raise the risk.

“It was determined not to carry passengers from Saudi, Kuwait, and Qatar on daily flights, countries where PCR is not convenient,” Khatiwada said.

The government has entrusted the responsibility of accepting daily flight schedules for the evacuation of people residing abroad to the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Nepal.

Nevertheless, the PCR test report will be obligatory when the flight is being operated and the passengers will have to stay for seven days in the hotel quarantine. Airlines would be expected to include quarantine costs in the fare. The airlines should remit the amount received to COVID Management Centre.

Earlier government has decided to suspend all the flights till August 31.

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