Rehabilitation project of Dhangadhi Airport paced up

The speed of upgradation project of Dhangadhi Airport has grabbed full pace.

The project has attained 15 per cent of physical progress in 11 days after the airport closed its entire flight operations.

“ We have been working day and night with the aim of completing the project within 1 month,” Sachin Thapa, Engineer of the project, “ we will complete the work within specified time if there is no technical problem

The airport has been closed for one month (from May 6 to June 4) following the renovation of the runway and expansion of parking area.

Generally, the runway overlay work should be done in every 10 years periods. However, Dhangadi airport is about to overlay the runway after nearly 14 years. Due to delay in overlaying of the runway, about 700 meters of the runway has been damaged.

Tej Bahadur Budhathapa, chief of airport stated that nearly 220 Million of investment, the airport will upgrade the runway, parking area.

This project is awarded to Lumbini, Koshi and Neupane. Khadka, Koirala JB in NRs 170 Million.

According to CAAN, the runway of 60m wide and 1800 m long will be overlayed. The runway will expand 2-2 meters in each side and 60m wide and 1800 m long will be blacktopped.

Currently, Buddha Air, Shree Airlines, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) operates 5 flights daily.

In the meantime, the stakeholders inspected the expansion of the runway and parking area.

Mohan Joshi, Assistant Chief District Officer of Kailali, Dakshya Kumar Basnet, Police department along with Vijay Joshi, Chairman of Ward.13 inspected the airport project.

Currently, the parking area can only accommodate 3 aircraft. The parking bay will also be expanded and 4 aircraft can be parked at once after the upgrade. Fire vehicle facilities will be added.

Dhangadhi Airport is the only big airport situated in the far western region which has facilitated citizens of 9 districts.

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