Relationship of Human with Flying machine

We all know that our mother Earth is rotating about its axis and revolving around the sun in a set path called orbit. While the planet where we live and universe where our planet exists never stays stationary, today’s global world has set itself into a similar trend where everyone surviving in this planet is in motion in one way or the other. The reason for this inevitable universal movement of people around the earth is the development of machines – starting from two-wheelers then four wheelers and the most prominent object known as aircraft or Flying machine.


If we ask people who are not aware about the function of aviation industry that what might be the most important factor today to safely maintain and continuously operate this Speedy Airborne entity which is so technologically advanced? The most familiar answer would be excessive amount of budget, highly qualified pilots and engineers, huge number of manpower, big wide spaces for this object to stay and many others. Yes, these are all true but very few would realize the most important factor is the relationship between the flying machine and the man who is directly involved in flying or maintaining that object.

Though, concerned people are highly qualified – if there is no healthy relationship between them and the aircraft – then the term ‘Error’ starts playing a huge role in the aircraft’s long term continuity. We have been hearing of so many accidents around the globe right from the inception of this flying device – so many in past couple of years. Machines have become so technically superior that chances of errors through such electronically programmed management of the systems embedded inside them, are almost less to the least, so the human error has shown itself as one of the leading causes for industrial catastrophe inside the world of aviation.

To keep up the steady rapport between air machine and human, ‘Human Factors’ as a training program has been made a mandatory guideline for everyone to follow who are involved with aviation; as the governing bodies known as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and individual nation’s authority became more and more aware of the reasons behind human errors and the value of aviation psychology. Through this program people are made aware that errors are bound to happen anytime and they will happen if unhealthy situations are created. It points out the importance of being fresh at work – and work in aviation is so compiled that every detail is vital – so the necessity of being fit at every task you do is the demand that every single work one does requires. In order to be fit to work for example, flying the aircraft, performing maintenance works, planning the detailed intervals through which the aircraft keeps happily operating, inspecting the quality of work that is carried out and many more, everything requires a healthy, stress-free, knowledgeable, aware, qualified and a resourceful team of organized individuals having proper communication between them, and work environment where there is no pressure and distraction. Be it a pilot, engineer or anyone, it emphasizes on the fact that no premature work with haste and lack of concentration, over-confidence and inability should be performed on aircraft.


The relationship of aircraft with human has been considered as the prime focus by all the aircraft operators, manufacturers, authorities and governing bodies around the world. Anyone who enters the technical field of aviation is so passionately fond of aircraft – both mentally and physically that if proper management with safety as a major concern is set up within the organization they work then the good health of both aircraft and people will be at its optimum and the conflict of improper work which induces error will start falling towards minimum in the long term graph of this major industry. As human lives are much more important than exclusive commercial gains made by organizations, the realization rigorously quoted by EASA, one of the leading aviation governing bodies, through strict regulations and standards set and made to follow by every country’s authority under its wings, is heartily commendable as their rock-hard motto ‘Safety’ should become the oxygen which every aviation creature breathes. Healthy human equals to Safe Flying machine!

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