Remarkable Flight: Father and son have piloted together for the first time

Remarkable Flight: Father and son have piloted together for the first time

Perhaps, it would be quite emotional moment, a father and son doing their first together “debut flight” to set  a historic moment.

Apparently, this moment was discovered by a Richard Hocking, 64 year old, from East Grinstead, and his son Henry, aged 33, from Lough-borough, after they piloted together Thomson Airways flight for the first time ever.

The moment was deliberately created in a way to honor and to show their aged bond with Thomson Airways.

Richard Hocking, is on away to end up  his career after 45 years serving, being a commercial airline pilot and in these long during of age, he has been associated with Thomson Airways for 41 years.

On the other way, his son, Henry, has been flying along with same very Thomson for last three years; however both the father and the son never got a chance to share the same space of flying together as due to time clash in their schedules.

Past week, the management of Thomson Airways set their routine, so they could fly together to create this moment and honor the occasion.

After the end of the flight, both of them shared their feeling during flight, being with each other that could never happened before ever in the history.

On the duration of the 10 hours of flight bound from Gatwick to Cancun, Mexico, Richard being the captain, assisted by his son Henry as first officer.

Richard shares:“It was the moment, perhaps every father must have awaited to see his son besides him and sharing the same space. I felt it absolute special and indeed, was extremely proud of Henry – for me, to create a special moment of my retirement, and nothing could have been better way to  end, the way it ended up.”

On other side, Henry speaks: “Flying along with my father has always been a dream of mine that fortunately just turned into the reality. I feel blessed and still having a goose bumps. And it’s needless to say, this flying would always be there as my career milestone performance. “

Richard had begun his carrier flying gliders, when he was 16 before joining the college of Air Training  at Hamble where he earned his commercial pilot’s license at the age of 19 in 1971 – lime lighting him being one of the youngest pilots  among the class.

Richard has been there with Thomson Airways, which before was branded as Britannia that later re-brand to Thomson. He currently flies the airline’s Dreamliner 787 series.

And Henry, after acquiring qualification from Oxford Aviation Academy, joined Thomson Airways in year 2013 and now he carries the flying experience more than 4,000 flying hours.

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