Remote parking bay constructed at TIA

Construction of new parking bay at country’s sole international airport in operation Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has been completed. The parking bay located at North East side of the airport that can accommodate 2 wide-body aircrafts construction has been completed.

The remote parking bay can accommodate 3 narrow-body or 2 wide-body aircraft at a time. The parking is set to come into operation from Wednesday as per TIA officials.

With the completion of construction of new parking bay, TIA parking capacity for international flight will be increased to 11 after. Currently, 9 aircraft; 3 wide-body and 6 narrow-body aircraft can be accommodated at TIA parking.

Construction of 4 new parking bays were started long ago and now the work of east parking bay has been completed. Construction of another 2 parking bays at Southern side is expected to be completed soon.

CAAN had allocated around NRs. 1 billion for construction of new parking bays.

Currently, with the growing demand of air travel, the airlines are opting to expand their service in Nepal. However, the airport infrastructure is very limited to handle and provide effectual service to all the airlines.

At present, airlines have to wait for more than 30 minutes to get landing and takeoff clearance.

Operation of new parking bay is expected to minimize problem of airplane hold at some extent.

Remote parking bay is an isolated and alternative parking bay constructed far from the main parking bay of the airport and used to avoid physical damages and human threats involved in an aircraft. Any aircraft that is suspected to be in threat of bomb blast or terrorist or hijacking activities will be preceded to park in the remote bay. It will provide crucial aid avoiding flight disruption by providing isolated space to the aircraft which needs to be parked for long time or due to abnormal reasons.

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