Renovation project of Rajbiraj Airport faces further delays

The blacktopping project for the Rajbiraj Airport has been postponed further as it was meant to initiate after Chhath festival this year. The airport renovation project has been hit by numerous unfavorable circumstances like flooding at Terai region, disruptions due to election and festive seasons.

Project Manager Ram Iqbal Mahato said, “The blacktopping was about to begin with completion of 1500 meters of base construction of the runway however, the massive flood disrupted it so, the pitch work will begin only after rehabilitation of base of the runway.”

State and constitutional election scheduled on 10th and 21st of Mangsir is now the matter of concern for further delay so, we need to make decision with other authorities to finalize the initiation of the works, Mahato added.

The airport enhancement project was commenced more over seven months back but the project was compelled to terminate for some time as the flood at Terai inundated the airport.

Kancharam Rama Dev Joint Venture, the successor of the contract for the airport maintenance project is building the runway with a total amount of Rs303 million budgets.

After the complete renovation, the Rajbiraj Airport will be capable of accommodating bigger aircraft like ATR. The rumors have been arising that the Rajbiraj Airport could be converted into a flight training school or a maintenance point for the aircraft.


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