Renovation work of NAC Hangar is in progress

Renovation work of NAC Hangar is in progress

 May 19, 2017-Kathmandu

Renovation work of National Flag Carrier hangar at TIA which was preceded from late of April this year is almost half completed till today. The supervisor of the renovation project Er. Poshak Gnawali, Deputy Engineering Director of NAC noted Aviation Nepal that so far half of the renovation work at the hangar has been completed.

The complete renovation project of the Hangar Facility is budgeted to be worth 10 Million of Nepali currency. Since half of work is already done the remaining renovation work at the hangar is expected to be completed by next two months. Currently, the Hangar is capable of accommodating a narrow body aircraft along with small aircraft used for the domestic fleet by the flag carrier. Besides, NAC has been facilitating the majority of other domestic airlines operators to have their maintenance works at the hangar.

So far destruction of the ground floor as well as the construction of new floor with improved quality has been completed and leveling off the floor along with replacement of new rooftop on the Hangar and installation of new wiring and lighting system is currently undergoing. The outer body of Hangar will also be renovated where leveling and coating of the section will be completed with the painting job. Renovation of the left section of the hangar has been conducted till date.

The hangar was constructed years later after the establishment of Nepal Airlines.

Currently, NAC owns two Boeing 757 and two Airbus A320-233 aircraft for international flight. But is only conducting international air operation with two Airbus A320-233 aircraft and had grounded two of its Boeing 757 aircraft. The flag carrier has planned to phase out one of the Boeing aircraft 9N-ACA and add two Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft for international flight operation. Similarly, NAC operates domestic flight operation to both TRUNK and STOL routes with two MA-60, Harbin Y-12e and DHC 6-300 Twin Otter each.

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