Repatriation Chartered flight to open, regular flights not yet confirmed

A meeting of the cabinet held Thursday evening in Baluwatar has finally agreed to continue charter and rescue flights.
Passengers traveling by air in Kathmandu would be obliged to remain in the hotel quarantine seven days after they arrived throughout Kathmandu. Passengers only have to arrive in Kathmandu by booking a hotel to stay in.

The Government has set a requirement that the individual should bear the expense of staying in the hotel quarantine. Whereby the Government has stated that a list of hotels will be published soon.

It was announced that the cabinet has set the government’s guidelines for having just three flights in a day. Additionally, the list of those coming from outside the country will be as specified by the country’s embassy.

But on Monday the government decided to completely halt the repatriation flights, invoking a sudden rise in cases of coronavirus.

Daily flights to resume soon

The government has agreed to initiate daily flights to Nepal for civilians, diplomats, and workers.

According to the source, A cabinet meeting on Thursday decided to start regular flights from different countries to Nepal.
The cabinet has approved daily flights from Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates ( UAE), South Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, and the United States, carrying only Nepalese nationals.

The Ministry of Tourism had recommended making such a system possible for countries with lower COVID cases, and a comfortable process in PCR testing. The Council of Ministers has agreed on the recommendation proposed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The final flight date has not been decided by the Cabinet yet.

In this way, by making one flight daily from one city, the airline arriving in Nepal should get permission for a maximum of seven flights a week.

Subsequently, Nepalese living abroad were managed to bring only by chartered flights to Nepal. But there has been widespread condemnation of the cost of such flights.

On Friday, the government could emerge up with a clear decision, as per a source familiar with the matter.

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