Repetitive Cancellation Of Airbus Training By NAC Pilots

Repetitive Cancellation Of Airbus Training By NAC Pilots

On Feb 8, 2015 Nepalese flag carrier, Nepal Airbus Corporation (NAC) received its First Airbus 320 (9N-AKW) for the conduction of international flight after 27 years. NAC had signed for two narrow body jets A320, with Airbus Company. Out of two jets, one has been already delivered NAC by Airbus whereas another one will be delivered on April 28, 2015.

Currently, NAC is facing scarce of Nepalese Pilots for its A320. NAC will be doomed by financial problem if it hires more foreign pilots. Recently instructor pilot Christop of Germany for its upcoming a320 for which he will be paid (9000-12000) USD per month. NAC pays very less to Nepalese pilots so it depends on Nepalese pilots more but due to source of Nepalese pilots having ratings on A320, NAC is compelled to hire foreign pilots.

At the end of January 2015, three Senior Captains of B-757

Deepak Narshing Rana, Maheshwor Man Dangol and Santosh Sharma had returned to Nepal quitting their A320 training course from France. It’s very hard for pilots to switch from Boeing to Airbis as control column of both air-crafts are different. Airbus has side stick whereas Boeing has yoke as major control column. Only few Nepalese pilots completed their A320 training for NAC’s 1st A320.

As the delivery date of NAC’s A320 with registration (9N-AKX) is approaching nearer, NAC has not been able to acquire proficient Nepalese pilots for its A320. Recently, NAC had sent Captain Sanjay Baidya, Rabindra Kumar Sherchan, Rajesh Kuswaha, Rakesh Rana, Subarna Awalye,Pradip Raj Bhandar, Shyam Debaju, Vijay Lama and Subash Rijal to france for co-pilot training of its New up coming A320. Among them, Capt.Rabindra Kumar Sherchan had quit his training course as he realized it was very hard to maneuver Airbus A320 after flying for many years on Boeing 757’s.


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