Rest In Peace Capt. Subek Shrestha

Rest In Peace Capt. Subek Shrestha

On 2nd June, 2015 a helicopter with registration 9N-AJP belonging to Mountain Helicopters Pvt. Ltd crashed in Yamuna danda-8 of Sindupalchowk district that trembled the whole family members , relatives , friends , officials of Kathmandu Airport while returning to Kathmandu after transporting relief and aid materials to the earthquake victims of Dolakha and Sindupalchowk. All the three passengers along with Capt. Subek Shrestha resigned from the earth after they met with awful crash, as god did not show any mercy on them.


Capt. Subek Shrestha 26 years old held his Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from Yokota Aviation of Philippines and commenced his flying career with Mountain Helicopters. Just eleven month ago, he had been flying as co-pilot. In the first week july, 2014 he took off from east helipad of Tribhuvan International Airport for his solo flight to Jubu, Solu area of Nepal. After the completion of flight, he was honourned with garlands, colours and so on. It was the beatific moment for him as Mountain Helicopters appointed him as captain.


Being a Captain, he carried out several search and rescue operations despite difficult terrain of Nepal. He always indulged himself flying in the sky. He used to say that sky is not a limit for him, its playground for him. Unfortunately, he left us forever and he will not be back again to play in the sky. He showed lots of enthusiasm in aviation field. Flying was in his blood. He was very much satisfied with his job as a helicopter pilot. “He always completes his missions with full dedication and enjoyment,” says Sagar Shrestha, brother of Capt. Subek, also Co-pilot at Simrik Air. Capt. Subek always threw jokes at his friends and made the moment charming and pleasant.

Capt. Subek has one sister, two brothers, and mother in his family. His father left the world fifteen years ago. Now, another tragic moment has arisen in his family, friends, and relatives.

On the sad and unexpected demise of Capt. Subek Shrestha, Our team wants to express heartfelt condolence to bereaved family, relatives, and friends of Capt. Subek Shrestha and pray to almighty god that his departed soul will rest in heaven.



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