Reviews for Frontier Airlines; Your cheapest flight tickets

You must reasonably be pursuing the reviews for Frontier airlines as, lately, your family members or friends may have recommended you to take a flight with Frontier Airlines because this airline is pretty much the queen of the domestic-flight flash sale with outstanding frontier airlines customer service. If you have ever encountered a flight sale for USD 20, it is presumably from Frontier airlines.

On the contrary, if you are reluctant to fly with Frontier airlines, it falls into an ultra-low-cost carrier. Then, let you know that it is the ninth-largest airline in the country; perhaps they are doing something right to place themselves in that position.

reviews for frontier airlines

This article will enclose reviews for frontier airlines, frontier airlines customer service, frontier airlines seats, and some more categories, leaving you with a clearer picture of whether to fly with Frontier airline or not.

Reviews for Frontier Airlines for flying

Frontier Airlines’ headquarters dwells in Denver, Colorado, and is established as a low-cost airline.

It offers a great rate to the tourists on different flights to the U.S, Canada (Calgary), Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. However, without the perks added to the airfare, you can purchase these add-ons as needed.

Where Does Frontier Airlines Fly?

Frontier Airlines flies from many prime cities of the United States, Calgary, Canada, several Mexican cities, Montego Bay Jamaica, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

To narrow down cities’ of the US. Frontier Airlines includes Buffalo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver International Airport, Minneapolis St. Paul, Atlanta, Boston Logan International Airport, Minneapolis St. Paul, Chicago O’Hare, Orlando International Airport, and many more.

reviews for frontier airlines

With more direct flights than ever, the prices of their flash sales look more and more enticing. But are they worth it? It depends on whether you can compromise on comfort and be zen about maybe being 40 minutes late to your destination. Before booking the Frontier ticket, here are seven things you need to remember.

Reviews for frontier airlines; Safety stars

In the reviews for frontier airline, we will review the safety stars.

And to your surprise, they have seven safety stars out of seven.

Of course, one of the issues with budget airlines is safety. Does a cheaper price mean that your safety is compromised? Pricier airlines like American and Delta seem to have seven out of seven protection stars, but for certain budget airlines, that’s also the case, and one of them is Frontier airlines.

reviews for frontier airlines

They charge you for a carry-on bag

They charge you for a checked bag, too, to be exact. Essentially, you can expect to be paid for it if you carry some significant bag. It could still be worth it if you can pay for your flight and your checked luggage and yet have a Frontier fare that costs less than the competition. There is also a plus to the charge for a carry-on bag: if you want to take it on a plane, space usually exists.

“I accept the carry-on fee in this case. Frontier is adding 230 passengers to the Airbus A321 variant. If all 230 people were allowed to carry a carry-on bag, there would be a lot of dissatisfied people,” said one of the passengers.

Not the best choice for a business trip.

It is not helpful to get something done on your flight with the amount of space Frontier Airlines offers you. Not only is there insufficient capacity, but there’s also no Wi-Fi on Frontier airlines.

“I would not choose to fly them for flights longer than an hour as a business traveler unless I could make sure I had to stretch seating,” said one of the passengers. “They may call them’ laptop computers,’ but I don’t like the idea of trying to work for a few hours with my laptop on my lap while possibly balancing a drink or snack on the postage-stamp-sized tray table.”

There is no beverage service or in-flight entertainment.

You might want BOSS if you are trying to keep your kids amused (bring your screen). There is no entertainment, and since there is not much space between the lines, you probably do not want to carry anything more than a tiny iPad. And it will cost you if you wish for something above a cup of water.

“There is no TV or radio entertainment at all. A few times during our 3.5-hour flight, the inside of it got wet. They sell only a cup of water free of charge. There’s a $3 drink, and they sell a candy and trail mix snack,” shared by one passenger.

Reviews for frontier airlines; frontier airlines customer service

Of course, due to the general lack of research into what you get with a low-cost airline for your money, you can see various complaints. Anyone who understands the simple, low-cost structure will know that additional costs are required (or a pared-down experience).

And Frontier Airlines discusses and advertises how they can keep their fares down, so there should be no surprises. However, once you hit the final steps in your booking process, it is a little tough to determine your overall cost.

Frontier Airlines seats

In the reviews of Frontier Airlines, this section is about reviewing Frontier Airlines A320 seats.

Let’s bring specs and inflight facilities into the seat.

Seat Specs: On their flights, a Frontier airline has 2 separate seat styles, Normal and Stretch. Depending on the plane you’re on, seat pitch and width differ slightly, but it can get pretty close! These seats, besides, do not recline.

Most seats at Frontier Airlines have a concise pitch, the shortest in the airline industry.

When you combine a pitch of 28′′-29′′ with a width of 16.5′′ as encountered on some A321 seats, it makes for a reasonably close fit. Plus, most of the seats have tiny tables with trays.

frontier airlines customer service

Inflight Amenities; Since Frontier is a low-cost carrier, this suggests that on other more common airlines, many of the inflight facilities passengers have come to expect are missing.

At this time, Frontier does not have Wi-Fi inflight, video streaming capabilities, or any onboard entertainment.

Refreshment service is restricted exclusively to paying for drinks and snacks.

For passenger/commercial product use, Frontier does not have onboard electrical outlets.

“Bring your padding, e.g., stadium seat covers, my suggestion—no water or peanuts. No upholstery. No leaning back,” said one of the passengers.

So maybe your back seat will not recline at the Frontier. But as long as it does not bother you with a small kink in your spine, Frontier is still an economical way to get to a new destination, which could probably happen on any airline. Be sure to book a “stretch” seating alternative when booking if you want to be a little more relaxed.

Reviews for frontier airlines; save you a lot if you are traveling with a family.

If you, your partner, and your children want to travel for about $100 anywhere, Frontier can do that. The trick is to take only tiny backpacks onboard (probably packed with some snacks, drinks, and a change of clothes). Then you have to pay to search for one large family suitcase. If you do not mind being cramped, the whole experience could cost you about $150.

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