Reviews on Delta Airlines: one of the major airline in US

Delta Air Lines Inc., known as ‘Delta’ is one of the major airline companies in the United States. With headquarters in Atlanta, GA, USA, the airline was founded as Hudd Daland Duster in 1925 and became the prominent ‘Delta Airlines’ in 1928.  Lets find out the reviews on Delta Airlines.

The giant airline company flies up to 200 million passengers every year to more than 300 destinations in 50 countries, with more than 15,000 daily operations before the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Dubbed as one of the most outstanding airlines company in the world, this article will discuss the reviews on Delta Airlines that you should know before flying with the airlines.


Trusted service

Delta Airlines is the U.S. global airlines leader that exceeds its competitors in safety, innovation, reliability, and overall customer experiences. With a huge network of employees around the world, U.S. Airlines has been able to consistently obtain operational excellence while maintaining the standards for award-winning customer service in the past decades since its establishment. 

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Partnering with other international carriers like AeroMexico, Air France-KLM, China Eater, Korean Air, Alitalia, Virgin Atlantic, and other planned joint ventures with LATAM and Westjet, the airlines has dedicated itself to bring more choice and quality travel to its customers across the world. 

Reviews on Delta Airlines Covid-19 Health Standards

As part of  Delta CareStandardSM, the airline has partnered with the trusted experts from the medical industry in the disinfection and sanitization field to revolutionize the safer and cleaner travel experience for all the customers and employees in the Covid-19 pandemic world.  Working together with Mayo Clinic, Emory Healthcare, Lysol, and Purell, the U.S. airline is enhancing and continuously improving its health and safety protocols, including overseeing the extensive and thoroughly designed employee Covid-19 testing program.

Cabin sanitization on Delta Airlines aircarft. Photo in Reviews on Delta Airlines Articles.

The airline is committed to providing the clients with layers of protection for a safer, flexible, and comfortable travel experience as part of the Delta CareStandardSM, which continues to strengthen through innovation over time. Delta Airlines practices 100 layers of protection to ensure a safer and comfortable travel experience with mandatory policy for face mask requirements and timely sanitization of high-touch surface areas of the cabins and lounges. The U.S. carrier also requires all customers to confirm that any person in their itinerary does not have symptoms of Covid-19, has not knowingly been exposed to, or has not been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past ten days at the check-in with an obligatory face mask rules for even vaccinated clients. Delta has requested the travelers who cannot comply with their requirements to travel schedule their travel plans to the time when it gets safer for them to fly.

The U.S. carrier also has set additional government-imposed health requirements specific to the origin of the clients, destination, or connecting airports, exposure considered in situations where the person came in face-to-face contact with an infected individual or sustained contact for more than 15 minutes without adhering to a safe distance within 18 hours prior to the onset of that individual symptoms. Similarly, customers diagnosed with Covid-19 or those experiencing the symptoms of the Covid-19 are not permitted to fly by Delta airlines. 

Skytrax Rating

During the reviews on Delta Airlines by the international air transport rating organization, Skytrax, the US-based airline, was certified as a 3-Star airline by the rating organization in 2019 for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff services. The Skytrax rating included inspection from seat comforts, cabin safety information, washroom cleanliness, WiFi services, quality of meals to hospitality, quality consistency among staff, and many other aspects in business class, premium economy, and economy class of both long-hauls as well as short-haul flights. 

Similarly, the customer reviews on Delta Airline’s services scored an overall 3-Stars determining the 2,060 reviews received by Skytrax in 2021. The reviews were best on food & beverage, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, staff services, and value for money aspects. The majority of dis-satisfaction on the reviews were shown towards the conduct of  Delta’s staff and lack of proper customer service from their side.

Fare Classes

Like every other airline in the industry, Delta Airlines also offer different fare classes to its customers like the Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Comfort, Premium Select, Delta First, and Delta One.

Basic Economy

The Basic Economy or ‘E’ fares are the cheapest operating package offered by the airlines. To provide value for solo travelers and light packers, in this class, the seat assignments can only be made after check-in. The clients cannot change or refund their ticket beyond 24 hours from booking and also won’t be eligible to make upgrades.

However, the passengers will be eligible for Delta’s signature service, a complimentary snack, and non-alcoholic beverages, including connection to Delta WiFi and complimentary access to movies, T.V. shows, and more on Delta Studio®.

Main Cabin

The travelers flying with Delta’s Main Cabin fares are able to enjoy more freedom and flexibility during the flights. Customers can book available seats in advance and manage the trip without any changes in the fees, with the option to purchase and upgrade to one of the premium classes. The travelers will enjoy the perks of attentive service, superior Main Cabin experience, perks of enjoying favorite drinks and treats, and a complimentary meal for every flight over 250 miles.

For flights over 900 miles, the Main Cabin class offers various purchasable snacks and wraps with beers, wines, and spirits options for 21+ passengers. Delta offers 11 special meals to its passengers, from toddler meals to gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meals.

Delta Comfort

Delta Comfort+®, an upgraded experience, offers up to 3″ extr4a legroom to its passengers, including the dedicated overhead bin space to every individual client. Delta Comfort+® simply does it better in comfort and flexibility, adding other additional benefits to the travelers from early boarding to deplane quickly and a little extra of everything.

The Delta Comfort+® fliers receive a pillow blanket, complimentary headsets, amenity kit on the long-haul trip, including more snacks options and complimentary beer, wine, and spirits options for 21+ passengers.

Premium Select

Delta’s Premium Select is a new superior Delta cabin option available for passengers on international routes. This class cabin offers passengers more space to stretch out with wider seats and additional recline.

Additional recline with an adjustable footrest and leg rest enhancing the travel experience of the passengers. The passengers will be able to enjoy Delta’s signature service in the Premium Select fares, including the accelerated check-ins, security, and baggage service, with the perks of enjoying the best in-class-flight entertainment system with larger screens with access to movies and T.V. shows in Delta Studio®.

The passengers will also have additional perks to enjoy exclusive products like TUMI amenity, superior comfort with soft blankets, and comfortable pillows, including premium food options like seasonal, regional meal packages and premium spirits, wines, and craft beers option for 21+ travelers.

Delta First

Delta First is not the most premium package of the airlines, whereas it is just a first-class option for domestic and regional flights. This package pretty much resembles the services and peaks of the Premium Select package providing Sky Priority® services throughout the journey.

With room to stretch out, an outlet to power up the personal devices, a dedicated flight attendant, and amenities like a soft blanket, pillows, and complimentary headphones, this fare-class outdoes the domestic flight services provided by other airlines. The travelers will also enjoy upgraded and seasonal food with complimentary coffee, wine, beer, and spirits for 21+ passengers.

Delta One

Delta One, the airline’s flagship cabin, includes the pod-like flat-lying seats and fancy suites introduced by U.S. airlines back in 2016. The Delta One cabin specializes in providing passengers comfort, privacy, and exclusive personal suites. The revolutionary product redefining the international business class travel, the Delta One suites are the first business class cabins featuring sliding doors at each suite.

The memory foam enhanced comfort cushions, 18” high-resolution entertainment kit(largest among the U.S. airlines), USB port at every seat are some of the general perks in the Delta One. Furthermore, the exclusive private cabin is accommodated with personal stowage areas, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, and premium trim and finishes that give a comfortable and residential travel experience to the passengers. 


Recognized as Fortune’s Top 50 Most Admired Company, Delta Airlines is also one of the most awarded airlines in the world. The airline also received the No. 1 position in J.D. Power 2021 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, a prestigious honor that rates the professionalism, care, and humanity of Delta people. 

Similarly, in 2021 the Points Guy’s study showed that the airline offers the best overall experience for the fliers, consecutively three years, emphasizing reliability, experience, loyalty, and cost and reach. Furthermore, throughout its decades of services, the airline has accumulated awards and recognition from prestigious organizations like Time, Glassdoor, Business Travels Awards, Wall Street Journal, KAYAK, Travel Weekly, The Beat, UNCF, Air Cargo World, including Global Traveler, Travel Weekly, IATA, Apex and many more. 

About Delta

Delta Airlines, with 75,000+ employees, divided its operation into two major segments, airline and refinery. In the airline segment, which generates 90% of Delta’s sales, the carrier provides scheduled air transportation operation passengers throughout the U.S. and around the globe. And, in the refinery segment, which generates some 10% of the carrier’s sales, Delta provides fuel to the airline segment from its own service and through the jet fuel obtained from agreements with the third parties.

Delta operates its significant operations in hubs and key markets at the airports like Amsterdam, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Minneapolis, LaGuardia, New York, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Seoul, and Tokyo.

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