Revised flights schedule to be submitted as required by CAAN

The Civil Aviation Authority ( CAAN) has proposed to airline operators to update and submit the schedule of domestic and international flights starting from 1 September 2020. The airline operators had previously submitted a corresponding flight schedule to CAAN. The earlier schedule submitted by the airline operators would now need to be updated and sent to CAAN. As a result of the Corona outbreak, the Council of Ministers’ decision to suspend the flight was postponed.

The Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AoAN) said during a statement that travel is the only option to hold the economy stable and that the government should not postpone the flight’s as it is the safest form of transportation. AoAN stated Nepal ‘s government would make a decision accordingly as domestic and international flights are being operated worldwide according to the specified safety standards.

Twenty One tourism related organizations have also requested the Government of Nepal to operate air services, tourist transport and tourism-related services and activities from September 1, 2020.

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