Rise of the Falcon

Rise of the Falcon

A modern solar powered aircraft has entered its commercial production and can be delivered anywhere in the world. The Unmanned Aerial System is produced by Albuquerque, New Mexico- based Silent Falcon UAS Technologies (SFUAS), a former subsidiary of Bye Aerospace, which specializes in alternate energies for aviation that is also involved with Aero Electric Corp., the developer of the Sun Flyer. According to the President of Silent Falcon, John Brown “Its solar- electric design gives it unmatched performance and value in its class.”




George Bye the chairman of the SFUAS and CEO of Bye Aerospace states “ Silent Falcon has the potential for sales of several hundred units per year, including orders from what he believes is a growing military and international commercial market.”

The Silent Falcon is a solar/electric, all composite, modular small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) designed for commercial, public safety, and military applications. With its solar electric propulsion system, rugged light weight carbon-fiber composite structure, and three interchangeable wing configurations, it is the first sUAS capable of meeting long range and long endurance mission profiles.




UAS Image courtesy: Silent Falcon

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