Rolls Royce to handle overall maintenance of Nepal Airlines’ A330 engines

The national flag carrier, Nepal Airlines approaching very near to the date of advent of twin wide body aircraft Airbus 330-200 has decided to relinquish all the responsibilities of the aircraft’s engine maintenance and repair to the biggest British engine manufacturing and repairing company Rolls Royce. The 2 aircraft will be equipped with 4 engines from Rolls Royce and the operations and maintenance of those will be handled by the company.

One of the 280 seated Airbus 330-200 is expected to land Nepal by 2nd week of June and another one of the same series will be joining the first one after a month later. The airline is looking forward to hand over the maintenance in a ‘Total Package’ exclusively provided by Nepal Airlines as stated by General Manager of Nepal Airlines, Mr. Sugat Ratna Kansakar.

This British engine manufacturing company will be in agreement for the repair and maintenance effective for 12 years and this tie up is expected to enhance the safety of Nepal Airlines that will cost the airliner about 60 Million every month.

Upon calling the press conference on Tuesday, the corporation stated that to have the services which can only be given by the manufacturing company, there is no need of calling for tender as per Public Procurement Act-2063 so the maintenance of all 4 engines of 2 aircraft will be given to the company for 12 years. This is called Total Care Package and it is the first time in history the corporation decided to sign the package as around 95 percent of the airline companies across the world buy such package for engine maintenance, added Kansakar.

After signing this package, the company has to undertake all responsibility of engine maintenance if any problem occurs that may or may not be scheduled/non-scheduled and planned/unplanned repair and refurbishments including all AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations like bird hits etc. and will also have to provide spare engine to operate the aircraft while malfunctioned engine is being repaired. Also the company will have to pay compensation to airlines if they fail to maintain engine within a week to 10 days.

The corporation moved towards Total Care Package policy which will be worth of Rs 60 million per month after an Airbus A320-200 aircraft of the corporation was grounded in New Delhi due to engine malfunction which took around a month to get replaced.

The corporation is also adding 6 Twin-otters that will be replacing 40 years old 3 twin otters within 18 months. The corporation has 10 % share in country’s aviation market which is expected to rise unto 16-17 % after new aircraft come into operation and has earned net profit of Rs 75 million in 2017. In order to increase net profit, the corporation has given priority to purchase of the aircraft.

Similarly, the Corporation has expressed the commitment to provide high priority to air security. For that, the corporation is preparing to appoint 1/1 foreign expert for engineering and operating department.

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