Rotor flying: Why book a helicopter in Nepal?

Imagine a person you know is lost somewhere in the mountains, and the region is inaccessible due to geographically complex terrains.  The first thing that comes to your mind is a helicopter rescue.  Although helicopters are noisy and don’t seem to have an eye-catching livery, these complex machinery are life-savers and a significant mode of transportation, esp. in rural regions with challenging airstrips and treacherous rocky terrains.  Helicopters are ubiquitous and fly almost anywhere, from harsh and remote regions to urban cities.  They are intricate machinery with versatile capabilities such as high speed, simple takeoff, landing, access to tight spots, etc.

Helicopters play an instrumental role in countries like Nepal, which features some of the most rugged and difficult mountain terrains in the world.  The Himalayan nation of Nepal is geographically complex, yet around 80% of the country can be accessed by helicopters.  With the advancement of rotor technology, helicopters are more useful than ever and serve plenty of purposes to make everyday tasks possible.

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Why book a helicopter in Nepal?

Since the helicopter is highly adaptable to your requirements and requests, you may book this excellent flying machine in Nepal for many reasons, including emergency medical evacuation, personal and business use, adventurous ride to majestic landmarks, etc.  Let’s learn in detail about the reasons for helicopter booking in Nepal.

1.  Emergency rescue and life-saving

With over 75% of the land covered by hills and mountains, Nepal doesn’t have proper air and road accessibility in many remote regions.  So, when immediate medical evacuation or mountain rescue operations arise, the helicopter is the viable mode of transportation to provide prompt service and immediate transport assistance.  People who go for a trek to exotic landscapes can lose their way en route or experience altitude sickness, requiring instant rescue.  Booking a helicopter can help save people’s lives through immediate search and rescue, hospital air-lifts, disaster-relief operations, etc.

2.  Adventurous ride

Helicopter ride enthralls people and adds a layer of wonder to their unforgettable journey.  You can book a helicopter in Nepal to experience the exciting adventures of a lifetime by hovering hundreds of feet above sweeping valleys, rocky hills, and green fields to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Himalayan peaks.  A helicopter tour is an alternative option for those who wish to explore the overwhelming opulence of towering mountains that seem to vanish into the heavens quickly.  Booking a helicopter tour to the remote far reaches of Nepal is a luxurious way to soar across and get a mind-blowing vista of majestic snow-capped Himalayas, making it a visually satiable retreat.

Some of Nepal’s best adventurous helicopter tours include the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Mardi Himal Base Camp Tour, Heli-Tour to Langtang valley, Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Tour, etc.

3.  Luxurious and comfortable travel

A helicopter symbolizes status and a luxurious way to travel in style.  If you want to avoid the crowd and security lines, soar up hundreds of feet above rush-hour traffic, and fly to the desired destination within the committed time frame, you can simply book a helicopter in Nepal.  Helicopters fly through low-level air and ride out turbulence due to their flexible rotor blades and sleek body design, which means you can travel in total comfort. 

Bell 505 X-aviationnepal

Unlike airplanes, helicopters aren’t affected by runway closures or hostile climates and can take off and land in relatively small places like hotel roofs, open fields, etc.  Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about who is sitting next to you (crying kids, rude people) as you’ll fly with your loved ones or like-minded people while enjoying amazing panoramic views outside.

4.  Pilgrimage tour to religious places

With a strong influence of Hinduism and Buddhism, Nepal is home to numerous pilgrimage destinations like Pathivara, Muktinath, Gosaikunda, etc.  Religious visits to these venerated temples often entail an extended hiking journey in remote terrain and a tedious journey back.  The helicopter is the easiest means to undertake the pilgrimage journey as pilgrims can reach their intended destinations safely and comfortably in a precise period without facing the hassles of strenuous walking uphill. 

You can book a helicopter in Nepal for an ideal and stress-free pilgrimage tour to religious places in the Himalayan.  Those who are down to crunch time and can’t break through the up and-downhill march of the route can book a helicopter ride to perform rituals in intended temples easily and comfortably.  Some popular pilgrimage helicopter tour packages include Pathivara Heli Tour, Muktinath Helicopter Tour, Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour, Damodar Kunda Helicopter tour, Lumbini Heritage Tour, etc.

4.  Cargo transportation

A helicopter is a viable transport mode to ferry cargo in those areas of Nepal where road transport is time-consuming and complex to operate.  You can book a helicopter in Nepal to deliver food, valuable daily needs items, cement, pipe, etc., to rural regions.  Helicopter companies in Nepal provide professional air cargo solutions to customers’ needs, be it a supply chain, humanitarian aid, or urgent cargo.

5.  Business purpose

Those engaged in business tend to travel to expand their business network, attend live events, meet their clients, close deals, etc.  Time is valuable for these people, so instead of rushing through pre-flight checks, passing long airport security lines, and waiting for a plane to board, they can simply book a helicopter for flexible availability and departures.  In case of finalizing a deal or attending a crucial meeting, the last thing they want is to show up late.  Therefore, business people can book helicopters to keep up with their punctuality, maximize their business time, and refresh their mood onboard without the fear of missing a connecting flight.

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6.  Other purposes

The helicopter is a versatile flying machine. You can book it for several other reasons like sky-based news-reporting, fire protection, national defense, law enforcement, aerial observation, photography tour, agriculture, aerial or seismic survey, scientific research, etc.  You can charter a helicopter to escape the clutter of life and buildings, suit your travel itinerary, or spend your time in the air with your loved ones in privacy and comfort.

Helicopter companies in Nepal

There are several helicopter companies based in Nepal where you can book a helicopter for charter, personal or business purposes.  Some of the prominent helicopter companies include:

1.  Air Dynasty Heli Service

Founded in 1993, Air Dynasty offers chartered helicopter services using 2 Eurocopter AS350 FXII, 1 Eurocopter AS350 B3e, and a Eurocopter AS350 BA.  It operates domestic chartered heli-flights from its main base at Tribhuvan International Airport and secondary hubs in Pokhara and Lukla

2.  Simrik Air

Founded in 2001, Simrik Air has an over two-decades-long history of operating scheduled fixed-wing services in Nepal from its main base in Kathmandu.  The carrier operates a fleet of three Airbus H125 helicopters and a Bell 407GXP to offer all sorts of helicopter services such as Utility and Heavy load transportation, mountain flights, disaster relief, passenger transportation, etc.

3.  Manang Air

Another helicopter airline company based in Kathmandu is a 1997-founded Manang Air providing chartered operations and personalized helicopter services like adventure flight excursions, expeditions, etc.  It has two single-engine Eurocopter AS350 B3es in its fleet, with a seating capacity of 1 crew and five passengers.

4.  Altitude Air

Owned by Yeti Group, Altitude Air started its operations in 2016 and mainly carried out rescue and charter helicopter flights from its hub at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.  It operates a brand new, first-class fleet of Airbuses (AMX/AMS) to undertake to heli-ski around Annapurna, aerial survey of the Nepalese topography, heaviest of sling operations, flights to extraordinary sights and places, and risky rescue missions.

5.  Prabhu Helicopters

Prabhu Helicopters is a leading helicopter service-providing company operating four Robinson American Helicopters, an R66 Turbine, and one Airbus H125 (AS350B3e) to offer a variety of heli-services spanning medical and rescue missions, mountain Helitours, charter flights, and cargo services.

Besides the companies mentioned above, other helicopter airlines in Nepal include Fishtail Air, Heli Everest, Kailash Helicopter Services, Makalu Air, Mountain Helicopters, etc.

How to book a helicopter in Nepal?

As we have learned why to book a helicopter in Nepal, it’s time to understand how to book one.  Booking a helicopter in Nepal is straightforward; you can inquire about the helicopter services through email or telephone, select the tour or helicopter according to your budget, fill out the forms and submit it to the company you want to book a helicopter from. 

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The standard form usually requires information like from/to places, flight date, number of passengers, full name, mobile number, email, address, nationality, etc.  Once you submit the form, the concerned helicopter charter company will confirm your service at short notice, depending on availability.  Due to many providers, 24/7 customer service, and last-minute flight options, booking a helicopter is hassle-free in Nepal.

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