Royal Jet: Premium private company operating Boeing Business Jet

Royal Jet is a premium private aviation company. The largest, independent, VIP, Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) operator in the world is Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi-based company in the country of United Arab Emirates. It owns the most luxurious and expensive BBJ.

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It seeks to provide luxurious air service in UAE and European markets. Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main base of Royal Jet while the multiple hubs of it are Dubai International Airport, Allama Igbal International Airport (Lahore, Pakistan), and King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia).

Fleet of Royal Jet

Royal Jet owns a fleet size of 12 aircraft. It owns Boeing 737 BBJ as well as bombardier global 5005. It comments its operation on 4th May 2003 Abu Dhabi Aviation and presidential flight (UAE) is the parent company of this luxurious royal jet. The chairperson of Royal jet company is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin Tahnoon Allnahyal who is also the minister of the UAE federal cabinet. This private charter company provides its air operation services from its FBO terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is also a member of different Aviation Association while being a founder member of the Middle East business Aviation Association.

It is also seeking to add up new Bombardier global 7500 into its portfolio of aircraft under management. Currently, it has 2 aircraft under management. Bombardier global 7500 is an ultra-long-range Jet to cater to the passengers willing to fly directly to the US. The purposeful customer experience and innovation friendliness drive the Royal Jet. It aims to provide passengers with a private and quiet air environment and is working to transform the customer experience by redesigning the VIP lounge and refurbishing and upgrading its BBJ while replacing the existing fleet of aircraft. It is considering enriching the passenger’s experience with its newly refurbished Boeing Jet.

Boeing 737 added to the fleet of Royal Jet

Recently, a new Boeing 737 is added to the fleet of Royal Jet’s managed aircraft. This new jet has the features of comfort and additional fuel capacity. It has been a milestone in Royal Jet’s history, set to cater to the European market. It is a 16-year-old aircraft that emerged from Jet Aviation Basel which will carry passengers on the routes of Europe.

International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) has certified its ground and flight operations. Abu Dhabi has its location as the cross-world of the world. It leverages on the benefit of being located at the mid-point of massive international air traffic flows. By exploiting favorable position, it has catalyzed hub service development with far-reaching spokes. Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the best airports for technical stopovers for Europe-Asia flights as well as far-east. It has adopted the strategy to build a strong hub in the global air network, offering enhanced air connectivity. Its geographical location has supported to development route network which has excelled in marrying strong carriers.

Royal jet offers a wide variety of air services which included ground handling, aircraft cleaning both interior and exterior, arranging catering services for passengers on board, refueling of aircraft at a competitive fuel rate. In addition to air services, it also arranges car rental services and limousines for traveling passengers.

Inside Royal Jets : Photo Royal Jets

Located right next to the runway is a royal jet terminal which offers comfortable and luxurious VIP lounges, refreshment, leisure areas, solid cuisines, and conference rooms. The passengers won’t face any slot restrictions. The turnaround time will be 40 minutes for technical stops.  Royal jet is one of the top leaders in the Middle East offering comfortable world-class services on the flight with state of art, facilities and operational expertise. It has already bagged the fixed-wing operation award by business destination travel award in 2009 and also been in nomination among the world top 10 FBO by Aviation International news.

The premium private jet operator, Royal Jet was also voted as the world’s leading private jet charter 2020 at World Travel Awards. It avails ground handling services 24/7, possesses GCAA licensed engineers, and helps in the operation of different kinds of aircraft, and rectifies defects in air crafts. It targets leisure as well as business travelers. So, Royal jet is the aviation company that has won several awards for providing the best international premium flight services.

Specialties of Royal Jet

VIP/FBO Terminal

Royal Jet executive terminal provides comfort and privacy to VIP customers. One can enjoy the world-class luxury of VIP terminals.  It also ensures ideal traveling conditions within Abu Dhabi’s climate. Royal Jet provides Fixed Base Operation experiences, situated at Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

Aircraft Management

Royal Jet Upkeeps Aircraft to perform all kinds of maintenance works in-house or through another service provider

Charter Brokerage

Royal Jet offers bespoke private jet charter in any part of the world for different purposes.

VIP Air Charter

Another specialty of Royal Jet is VIP charter. There is no need for passenger to worry about airport formalities, queues. The VIP Charter services starts before the flight takes off the ground.

Medical Evacuation

Royal Jet provides operation of Aeromedical Evacuation service which is available in middle east. Over 1500 missions have already been completed in such area.

Acquisition Consultancy

It shares knowledge based on acquisition management of air craft and trading through its world class expertise.

The other facilities provided include wireless internet, hangar, pilots lounge, customs, crew cars. The hangar is equipped with LED and natural lighting, a fire alarming system and firefighting system, an air conditioning system, and horizontal sliding doors. It is capable of accommodating BBT aircraft and it possesses all the ancillary equipment like hangar doors, cooling chillers, and water tanks, etc.

The charter flight must obtain government permission to operate from the intended destination, needs ground handling facilities at airports. Passengers need to go through similar check-in, security, immigration formalities. However, the Royal Jet offers a high level of flexibility in VIP charter solutions.

Features inside the Private BBJ

Main Cabin

The main lounge area can accommodate 8 passengers, with each seat being lie flat beds and there are 2 big marble tables which can be used for dining and conferences. The audio/video, lighting, window blinds inside it are controllable through iPad remotes easily by the passengers. It has the luxurious design of Edese Doret. The ceilings do not have any overhead bins.

There are additional 8 full flat stretchable seats behind the main lounge. At the rear, there is a total of 18 premium economy seats offering the VIP entourage. BBJ of Royal Jet provides a personal chef on board along with handpicked cabin crew. There are a kitchen, galley, and full pantry.

Another luxurious feature on BBJ is a private bedroom. This bedroom has queen size bed and also a private bathroom complete with a shower.

Impact of the Covid on Royal Jet

As COVID pandemic has halted aviation sector, Royal Jet is preparing on its recovery page of the flight movements which had been suspended due to the swift spread of COVID-19. Aviation has faced the worst year in history with the alarming situation of Aviation employments. Ease of travel restriction, open borders, boosting up of traveler’s confidence can rebound present low resilient aviation sector. The pandemic has not hit the private sector as worst as a scheduled airline. The touchless trend brought by pandemic prefers private aviation to fly at this hour. Royal Jet has private terminals which will be comfortable to travel with peace of mind.

Following the pandemic, many passengers have switched to fly on private jets. There are reasonable fares to rent private jets for 6-8 people groups which are based on hourly flying rate but differ according to the aircraft type. The passengers have to pay between 12,000 dollars to 15000 dollars for flights on BBJ. Similarly, flights on Bombardier global 5,000 have an hourly rate of about dollar’s 9000. Royal Jet is planning to replace its fleet of 6 currently owned aircraft to place a new order of aircraft. It is eyeing Air Bus Corporate Jet Neo Models and various BBJ MAX.

Photo by Royal jets

In this pandemic situation, Royal Jet assures a controlled onboard environment with as few as 20 private terminal touchpoints. In late 2020, this company had made an expensive deal with AMAC and Slash Design to upgrade the two BBJ jets to deliver the enhanced and transformed VVIP customer experience which will reflect the brand identity. These Jets are supposed to provide high-speed flight connectivity. This private aviation company, despite being challenged by the pandemic is tailored to suit the needs of passengers by offering a premium private experience on the flight.

Royal Jet, the private plane charter operator has accelerated the company projects during the pandemic. It has made transformations to the aircraft by upgrading the new Boeing 737 to better wing configuration, reduced weights, fuel savings. These refurbished aircraft have employed a Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionisation system. The humidifier is also installed in the aircraft to reduce jet lags on long-duration flights. The seats are full-flat stretchable. There is an office which is convertible into a second bedroom along with a bathroom. As the passenger numbers have picked up, this newly designed aircraft will offer flights between Europe and UAE.

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