Royal Thai Embassy is arranging repatriation flight on 24 September

The Royal Thai Embassy in Kathmandu is arranging a repatriation flight (Chartered flight) from Kathmandu to Bangkok for Thai and non-Thai nationals on 24 September 2020. Non-Thai nationals in permitted types according to current Thai laws and regulations are allowed to take this repatriation flight. The Embassy is currently undergoing the process of requesting permission from Nepal and Thai Government agencies concerned for the said repatriation flight.

The flight is operated by Shree Airlines and scheduled to depart from Kathmandu to Bangkok with Flight Number SHA4123, on 24 September 2020. The cost of the flight ticket is USD 390 per person or approximately 47,300 Nepalese Rupees per person with 30 persons in max.

The Royal Thai Embassy stated that non-Thai nationals who wish to depart Thailand on 24 September 2020 are requested to register and submit all documents required, including proofs of confirmed flight ticket and the confirmation of the State Quarantine/ Organizational Quarantine/ or Alternative Hospital Quarantine, to embassy until Friday 18 September 2020 not later than 16.30 hrs. (local time).

The Royal Thai Embassy

Non-Thai nationals need to obtain an appropriate Visa and “Certificate of Entry” (COE) issued by the Royal Thai Embassy and other required documents for entering Thailand. The embassy further stated, “request will only be considered and “COE” will be issued once all the required documents are submitted.

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