Runway of Tribhuvan International Airport to go through complete renovation

The Runway of Tribhuvan International Airport has been planned to be renovated completely. CAAN and TIA authorities analyzing the damage occurred at the airfield of TIA have come up with the decision to renovate the runway. The runway structure has already worn with continuous landing and takeoff lacking timely maintenance.

The runways at several spots have been cracked and it also gets obstructed by water in several occasions making aircraft difficult to operate. So the airport to cope up with the further circumstances has to be updated reported Mr.Prem Nath Thakur, Spokesperson of TIA.

According to a research conducted on the runway at TIA, it was found that the ground structure of the runway is in a verse of collapsing and the soil level too needs to be lifted to overcome the flood.

Repeated occurrences of cracks in the runway at the airport have been affecting its flight operation. The runway at TIA was previously renovated long ago thus the surface has already been injured by the continuous landing of heavy jets and has not seen any maintenance for a long period of time. The bumps made by the cracks at the only international airport have been affecting its operation since 2011.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and Airport authority from TIA had been planning for the renovation long ago but technical and political issues like the earthquake, economic blockade, and minister’s foreign visit had affected their plans.

The team without any long delay has already submitted their proposal of renovation work to the decision taking jury led by Tourism Minister for the approval.

We will thus call out for the bid of tender soon after the approval reported Mr. Birendra Prasad Shrestha, spokesperson for CAAN (Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal). He also added that the runway of TIA is close to seeing complete maintenance and will be treated with technology.

The entire 3.1-kilo meter long runway is targeted to be dismantled and updated with advanced runway lights and equipment.

Earlier Asian Development Bank had come up with the plan for the technological renovation willing to aid the project but CAAN analyzing the amount had proposed the ministry to commence the project from the fiscal budget of the country.

The proposed runway renovation project is targeted to be budgeting worth 3.3 billion Nepalese currencies and the amount will fully upgrade the runway with lights and equipment.

Mainly, the wide-body jets such as A330 and Boeing 777 have been causing damage to the runway layers.

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